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11 Times BTS’s Jimin Proved You Don’t Want To Cross Him — Else You’ll Face His Sass

BTS‘s Jimin is the definition of sassy. He’s confident, cheeky, and gives the most hilarious reactions when he doesn’t agree with what’s happening! Here are a few moments he showed this adorable and precious side of himself that ARMYs can’t get enough of seeing.

1. “Is it really difficult to say a sentence?”

His line during Run BTS! makes everyone laugh the moment they see it!

2. Pushing his coat off his shoulder after his manager puts it back on for him

It was clearly part of the fit.

3. When he can’t help but give an eye roll

He’s unintentionally hilarious!

4. His response when J-Hope made fun of his shooting skills

He was not having the slander.

5. These meme-worthy hand movements

Now, this is how you conclude an argument!

6. The way he looked at his nails during a long discussion

He wasn’t actually bored, but the timing was perfect!

7. Not one eye roll…

His dramatic expressions are the cutest.

8. …but two eye rolls!

There might be a pattern here.

9. The way he speaks

If you get told off by sweet Jimin, you might just deserve it!

10. “Park Jimin is way cuter.”

No lies detected.

11. When he gave this expression

We all feel like this sometimes!



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