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8 K-Pop Artists That Have Sung For Drama OSTs

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The best part and perhaps the most vital part that makes a K-Drama come to life is its OST. There more than a couple of idol singers that have contributed to Drama OSTs over the years. In this article, we list some of those brilliant artists and the OSTs they sang!

1.EXO’s Chanyeol ft. Punch – “Stay With Me” (“Goblin”)

Our favourite K-Pop boy and our favourite K-Drama come together in this stunning OST that graces the story of Goblin. Chanyeol embraces the feelings and emotions as if they’re his own, giving life to the lyrics along with Punch’s sweet melodious voice. This song has successfully been deemed as the most popular drama OST ever and we can understand why!
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2. Loco and Punch – “Say Yes” (“Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”)

Another feature by Punch, this time with K-Pop’s favourite rapper, Loco, sounds happy enough to make one believe that the story has a happy ending. Nevertheless, this song embodies a perfect balance of rhythm, flow and a ballad-like feel. For fans of the drama, this is undoubtedly their favourite OST but for those who are simply fans of Loco, this track still remains supremely popular.
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3. MAMAMOO – “Double Trouble Couple” (“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”)

Did someone say perfect? This OST is playful, energectic, eager and lovely all at once and this would not have been possible without MAMAMOO. The group perfectly expresses the dynamic between the two main characters of the drama and fans could not have imagined a better artist for the OST.
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4. BTOB(Seo Eun Kwang,Lim Hyun Sik,Yook Sung Jae) – “Ambiguous” (“Fight For My Way”)

Fight For My Way features BTOB’s Eun Kwang, Lim Hyun Sik and of course Yook Sung Jae as they navigate feelings of friendship and love, expressing the characters’ feelings and confusion perfectly with their incredible vocals. Their voices mesh beautifully together to form a complete experience that fans and non fans alike cannot help but love and play again and again.
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5. V And Jin From BTS – “It’s Definitely You” (“Hwarang”)

BTS’ superstar V not ony stars in this brilliant period drama but also sings the OST for it with his oldest hyung Jin. The duo proved to be the perfect choice for the drama OST, adding the right amount of energy, eagerness and classic BTS style pop to a historical piece, making even royal princes move to the beat. If that isn’t proof of a great OST, we don’t know what is.
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6. Stray Kids – “Never Ending Story” (“Extraordinary You”)

The story of fresh and lively characters gets the most refreshing but emotional OST from the talented boys of Stray Kids. The track has characteristic elements of Stray Kids moulded according to the feel and mood of the drama, creating an innovative and unique mesh of melodies and rap, backed by the most beautiful tune, perfect in every way for the drama.
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7. MONSTA X – “The Tiger Moth” (“Shopaholic Louis”)

Fans were overjoyed when the artist feature for this OST was revealed. A better choice could not have been made for this powerful and intense OST carrying the energy of the drama itself. It is not a secret that Monsta X packs a mean punch with their amazing vocals, rap and arrangements. This was also the case for this OST that makes sure to deliver the exact emotion to the audience that the drama is trying to portray.
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8. BTS V – “Sweet Night” (“Itaewon Class”)

BTS V’s rich, deep voice encapsulated a feeling of longing and melancholy through this beautifully poignant self-composed song, perfect for the sequence in the drama where it was played. Perhaps it sounds even better due to the love that went into it since Itaewon Class stars one of V’s best friends, Park Seo Joon. The mellow and harmonious tune of the guitar and violin eases the listener into a feeling of warmth and anticipation of new love. We definitely can see V singing more such OSTs in the future and sincerely wait for the same!
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