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A squabbling Kim Min-kyu becomes The Heavenly Idol

A squabbling Kim Min-kyu becomes The Heavenly Idol

With the premiere now just a week away, tvN has released another video teaser for The Heavenly Idol, giving us a peek at more of the fish-out-of-water shenanigans that await our displaced hero.

Crossing the dimension between different worlds, the struggling K-pop idol Woo Yeon-woo somehow switches places with the mystical priest Rembrary – both played by Kim Min-kyu (Business Proposal) – and now Rembrary has to succeed as an idol in this new world if he wants a chance at returning home.

The latest teaser begins with Rembrary in prayer as we flash back to the battle he left behind, when he was pulled out of his world. He explains, “I am not of this world. Until just a few hours ago even, I was fighting against Mawang.” The intermittent text screens then introduce his new dilemma: “To serve the heavenly deity or to be The Heavenly Idol.”

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In the eyes of others, of course, Yeon-woo’s new behavior is alarming and company CEO Yeh Ji-won (Brain Works) is upset that her group’s visual center is acting strange. When she tries to check for a fever, Rembrary admonishes her insolence. But it’s his turn to be shocked when he’s taken to the group’s messy quarters.

It’s a stressful situation for road manager Go Bo-kyul (Hi Bye, Mama!) as well, who tries her best to accustom Rembrary to the ways of a K-pop idol. Although she protests, he misunderstands her devotion and is pleased by his observation that she’s in love with Yeon-woo.

We then cut to a frustrated Tak Jae-hoon (Dark Hole), who argues that the level of quality among the singers will be brought down by people like Yeon-woo. It certainly doesn’t help that Rembrary keeps getting into petty and hilarious fights, even leading his sworn rival Lee Jang-woo (Oh! Samkwang Villa) to think that Rembrary has a few screws loose.

The video then ends on a fluttery note as Rembrary approaches our heroine with sad, puppy eyes. She’s not unaffected, though, when he admits, “I’m really relieved that I met you in this kind of world.”

Co-directed by PD Park So-yeon and PD Lee So-yoon with scripts by Lee Chun-geum, tvN’s The Heavenly Idol will be launching next week on February 15.

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