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Adorable new couple poster for Bora! Deborah

Adorable new couple poster for Bora! Deborah

ENA’s upcoming rom-com Bora! Deborah has recently dropped a new couple poster featuring leads Yoo Inna (Snowdrop) and Yoon Hyun-min (Get Revenge). Along with the adorable poster are some stills of our eponymous heroine Deborah. Any drama based around the “do as I say not as I do” premise is ripe for comedy, I’m looking forward to seeing Yoo Inna here as the successful and influential dating coach who’s failing hard at her own love life. No one does endearing + ditzy + lovable quite like Yoo Inna.

And then there’s the leading man in our new poster: Yoon Hyun-min! He’s back, and I can’t wait for this pairing. He plays the character of Lee Soo-hyuk – a prickly and off-putting man with love problems of his own. Quintessential rom-com drama hero? Yes. Am I here for it? You betcha.

Joo Sang-wook (Alchemy of Souls) also stars – he plays Han Sang-jin, who is Soo-hyuk’s friend and business partner. They run a publishing company together. Is there anything not to like about this? In addition, we’ve got some other fun supporting actors with Park So-jin (Alchemy of Souls), Chansung (Show Window: The Queen’s House), and iKon’s Ju-ne (a.k.a. Gu Jun-hoe).

While we wait for new promos to drop that give us a little more than the first teaser, we can just stare at the couple poster and the stills of our heroine and her dating coach fashion.

Production for Bora! Deborah is being led by the duo behind Mad for Each Other — a very good omen indeed — and premieres April 12 in ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday slot.

Adorable new couple poster for Bora! Deborah

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