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BLACKPINK Rosé Sends The Sweetest Gift To Jisoo Who’s Currently Filming For Her Upcoming Drama “Snowdrop”

BLACKPINK Rosé is cheering on Jisoo is she resumes filming for her upcoming drama “Snowdrop.”

On December 16, Jisoo shared photos of herself posing next to a coffee truck sent by her fellow group member Rosé. On the banner, Rosé left cute messages asking the staff to take good care of Jisoo and wishing them all the best while they film. Another banner on the side has a message that reads, “Look at our beautiful Jisoo and cheer up! Please love Eun Young Cho (Jisoo’s character) a lot!”

Jisoo captioned her post with,

“Rosé is the one who sent me my first ever coffee truck, I love you.”

Rosé commented on the post, “I love Young Cho!”

It appears that “Snowdrop” has recently resumed filming, it’ll tell the story of a male student from a prestigious university who rushes into a female dorm covered in blood, the female student takes care of his wounds.

It attracted lots of attention for being Jisoo’s first leading role and for being the newest collaboration work between the director and writer of JTBC’s smash hit “SKY Castle.”

Snowdrop” is scheduled to begin airing sometime in 2021.


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