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Category: Drama News

“Itaewon Class” New Photos of Kim DaMi

New stills added for the upcoming Korean drama “Itaewon Class” (2020). Directed by Kim Seong-yoon Advertisements Written by Kwang Jin Network: jTBC With Park Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi, Yoo Jae-myung, Kwon Nara, Kim Dong-hee, Ahn Bo-hyun,… 16 episodes – Fri, Sat 23:00Synopsis“Itaewon Class” is based on an original web-toon about a son whose father, a CEO of a restaurant business, passes away and who goes through many […]

“Woman Of 9.9 Billion” Surpasses 10 Percent In Viewership Ratings Again

“Woman of 9.9 Billion” has kept its spot at the top of the Wednesday night time slot! According to Nielsen Korea, the January 8 episode of the KBS drama recorded average nationwide ratings of 9.3 percent in the first half and 10.8 percent in the second half. This is an increase from last week’s ratings of 8.1 […]

Watch: “SKY Castle” Star Kim Seo Hyung Brings Laughs And Shows Tears In Preview For Lee Dong Wook’s Talk Show

Kim Seo Hyung will be the next guest to star on SBS’s “Because I Want to Talk”! On January 8, Lee Dong Wook’s talk show released a preview for next week’s episode. In the clip, the actors take a walk in the snow and have fun sledding. She walks onto the set as Lee Dong […]

Park Shin hye sheds tears in ‘Humanimals’

Park Shin-hye has reentered South Korea’s cultural landscape in surprising fashion this year, as the popular actress is currently appearing in, of all places, an MBC television documentary. ‘Humanimals’, a nature documentary which deals with humans in nature, also counts Kim Woo-bin among the credited cast, as he does the documentary’s narration in his first work since being diagnosed with […]

Ahn MinYeong Joins Cast of “365: a Year of Defying Fate”

Actress Ahn Min-yeong is starring in the new MBC drama “365: A Year of Defying Fate”. “365: A Year of Defying Fate”, which comes out in March, is a mystery survival game drama about those who go back in time by a year, dreaming of the perfect life, but getting caught in an unknown destiny. Ahn Min-yeong plays Song Ji-hyeon […]

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