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Netflix “Chocolate” Ep13. Reflections By the Sea (Spoilers Inside)

Kang is now aware of who Cha-Young is. Min-Seong is also Director Kwon’s son. As we reach the tail end of this drama, the sprinklings of romance finally begin to flutter in the air as Kang’s past comes crashing down around him, crumbling the walls he’s worked so hard to build up around his heart.

Cha and Kang continue to grow closer together, bonding over the sick dog. But Sea passes away. Cha and Kang bury Sea next to Mr Ha before he takes a deep breath and tells her he just wants to sleep. As he returns to the house, he ignores Lee Jun and heads inside to sleep, leaving Cha to tell him to talk once he wakes up given he’s exhausted.

Leaving him alone, Lee Jun sits by the sea as a text message comes through informing about Hye-Mi being promoted to the Chairwoman position. After the situation with Kang, Lee Jun makes his choice and phones through to his Father, telling him they have to talk. While he does, Kang eventually wakes up and walks up to Cha who sits by the shore. She tells him she made food and suggests they head off and eat. Eventually at peace in his mind about what to do regarding Min-Seong, he asks her not to leave for Greece and goes on to ask if he can love her.

Source: HanCinema.net & TheReviewGeek

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