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Drama viewership ratings for the week of Jul. 25-31, 2022

Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s success is much deserved, but it still baffles me which dramas take off and which don’t.

I knew Adamas was going to struggle. Too many thrillers with similar themes and the same faces. Plus, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a beast. Adamas is not airing directly against it, but even the rerun right after is pulling decent numbers.


We talked about promotion of dramas before, but I was also thinking about scheduling. Tvn has tried one thriller after another in the Wed-Thurs slot over the past year. You’d think they’d catch a clue. I think, for the most part, thrillers fare better during the weekend or even Mon-Tues. I know SBS was banking on Kim Se-jeong coming off of Business Proposal, but Today’s Webtoon seems like it would be better suited for the Mon-Tues slot.


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