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Full House – Kdrama Review

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I had a blast watching this. It wasn’t completely devoid of faults I admit but it was a thoroughly enjoyable show. Interestingly enough, one of my absolute favorite Urdu shows of all time, Yeh Raha Dil, which aired last year, is actually a remake of this korean drama. I had read people compare the two but back then I wasn’t interested in watching kdramas.

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Song Hye-kyo and Rain were amazing. They were funny and charming and able to carry their characters perfectly. I liked the supporting cast as well save for two people. They must have done their job well because I HATE THEIR STUPID GUTS.

The plot revolves around Han Ji-eun, whose two best friends send her on a trip to Japan while they sell her house behind her back to settle their debts. On her trip she meets Lee Young-jae, a famous actor and on her return she realizes that her house has been bought by him. The two decide to live together in the house in an agreement that is mutually beneficial and the rest is not incredibly hard to predict.

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The similarities between the original and the Urdu remake were few which was a good thing I guess. We didn’t copy too much, just the best-friends-house-selling bit.

  • The main characters are both aspiring writers.
  • The ‘full houses’ in both shows were so lovely!
  • The male love interest in YRD is a restless soul who can’t decide on what to do with his life while Young-jae is an established actor.
  • Zaki has quite a sweet relationship with his family, his father in particular. In fact, it was the highlight of the drama. Young-jae’s relationship with his father is strained and because of that he rarely visits his family.
  • Han Ji-eun’s family is dead while Hayat’s father still lives and she has a step sister too.
  • There are additional love interests in both dramas but obviously they are different ones. I found Kang Hye-won to be a pretty decently written character. The angst her arc in the story caused was compelling. Nida in YRD was complex and layered as well.
  • I did not expect the pair to get married so quickly here and without much ceremony too. But it was certainly entertaining to see the two of them living together in the same house, as a couple no less while barely tolerating each other’s presence. The bickering was glorious. I wish Hayat and Zaki had more time together like this.

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  • I loved that all four characters suffered heart breaks. They were more acute in Full House than YRD.
  • In YRD, the friends were never seen again until the very end and even then only the guy friend came back and apologized. I was mad at that then because Hayat conceded too easily but it was way better than what happened in this drama. Here both of them were a constant, annoying presence.

There are two types of assholes. The ones you never want to see again and the ones that make you so angry you want to rip them limb from limb, pickle those limbs and then feed that shit to them. Han Ji-eun’s ‘friends’ were that particular breed of asshole. In the beginning when they had sent Han Ji-eun off, they seemed sorry and kept saying so and I was quite pleased at that since I didn’t get that in YRD. But those shits not only did not properly apologize to her when she came back, they ignored her and downright imposed themselves on her.

Also, the girl friend was supposed to be pregnant from the very start but her belly refused to show throughout the WHOLE SHOW. Months and months must have passed but her stomach remained flat as a pancake. I hated her more for it.

I also got tired of the repetitiveness in the last quarter of the drama. There was a lot of back and forth and it was agonizing and annoying. Han Ji-eun was home waiting but Young-jae was out, then Young-jae was home waiting while she was out. One was angry at another, they made up and then it repeated with their roles reversed.

The tracks that played in the drama were all catchy and nice to the ears.

Full House had quirks. It was fun, family-friendly and heart-warming. I give it a 8/10.

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This KDrama Review is by Sara

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