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Hyun Bin Rumored To Have Purchased A Villa For Marriage Preparation, Agency Responds

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have been involved in more rumors recently!

On January 30, one Korean news outlet reported that Hyun Bin recently purchased a luxurious 4th-floor villa in Gyeonggi-do, Gu-ri. While reports about actors and idols purchasing luxury homes are not uncommon, the report went viral after it had claimed that he decided to purchase it in preparation for marriage soon.

Hyun Bin is reported to have purchased the entire 4th floor villa for a total of 4.8 billion won ( $4.3 million). Some of his neighbors include J.Y. Park and Oh Yeon Seo. The neighborhood is known for being eco-friendly and one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Seoul.

Since then, Hyun Bin’s agency has responded to the rumors and flat out denied that he’s purchased the home for marriage preparations, however, the agency also added that they can’t confirm further details about his private life in regards to his home purchases or its address.

Earlier this month, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin confirmed they are dating each other after Dispatch reported on it. Since both actors are in marriage age, many assumed there was some truth to the report, but the agency has since shut it down.

In related news, Hyun Bin has confirmed his appearance for the sequel of “Confidential Assignment.”

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