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Jang Dong-yoon fights for life and love in KBS’s Oasis

Jang Dong-yoon fights for life and love in KBS’s Oasis

A new teaser has been released for KBS’s Oasis, dropping us straight into South Korea’s distressing 1980s, where our characters played by Jang Dong-yoon (Search), Seol In-ah (Business Proposal), and Choo Young-woo (Once Upon a Small Town) come of age.

As children, Lee Doo-hak (Jang Dong-yoon) and Choi Chul-woong (Choo Young-woo) grew up together like brothers. But with adulthood, the realities of their class division starts to rear its ugly head and it certainly doesn’t help matters when both their love arrows become pointed at Oh Jung-shin (Seol In-ah).

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The new video teaser opens with Doo-hak fighting his attackers and he angrily argues with Chul-woong afterwards, “Is yours the life of a person, and mine the life of a dog or a pig!?” Chul-woong is equally upset saying that isn’t true, and the classic K-drama rock ballad playing in the background is perfection to our story’s angst. A stressed Doo-hak places blame on Jung-shin next, saying, “It was all because of you. If you hadn’t shown up, I wouldn’t have needed to compete against Chul-woong.”

We then cut to Jung-shin getting advice from Oh My Girl’s Hyun Seung-hee (Loss:Time:Life), who tells her, “The normal guy is fate and the abnormal guy is foe.” Jung-shin thus meets with Chul-woong to set clear boundaries. But the tension between our two boys was never just about Jung-shin and one reminds the other that, “You promised me that you’ll take responsibility for my life. You told me that you’re going to succeed and pay me back, you bastard!” Although Chul-woong wonders if he can date Jung-shin now, the teaser takes our heroine back to Doo-hak and we close on their sweet kiss.

Written by Jung Hyung-soo (Kye Baek, Damo) with PD Han Hee (Goodbye Mr. Black, Empress Ki) at the helm, KBS’s Oasis premieres next month on March 6.

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