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Ji Sung’s hunt for Adamas begins

Ji Sung’s hunt for Adamas begins

The first poster is out for tvN’s Adamas, featuring the mystery-thriller’s twin heroes shrouded in atmospheric mist – both played by lead actor Ji Sung (The Devil Judge).

The fates dealt a cruel hand to the twins — crime novelist Ha Woo-shin and prosecutor Song Soo-hyun — when their stepfather is murdered and their biological father is wrongfully accused of the crime. With one brother focused on catching the real culprit, the other commits himself to finding the murder witness who is known as Adamas.


The search for Adamas leads to getting involved with the chaebol group Haesong, where we find Seo Ji-hye (Kiss Sixth Sense). Elegant and charismatic, her character Eun Hye-soo married into the Haesong family. Also key to the story is Lee Soo-kyung’s (Law School) Kim Seo-hui, a local news reporter who is passionate about upholding justice.

In supporting roles, we have the high-in-demand Heo Sung-tae (Insider) as Chief Choi, the head of security at Haesong. But Choi is also secretly helping to find Adamas while the twins’ biological father Jo Sung-ha (Lovers of the Red Sky) anxiously waits in prison.

Written by Choi Tae-kang with PD Park Seung-woo at the helm, tvN’s Adamas premieres July 27 in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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