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Kang Daniel and Chae Soo-bin report for duty in Disney+ drama Rookie Cops

Kang Daniel and Chae Soo-bin report for duty in Disney+ drama Rookie Cops

In anticipation of its premiere later this month, Disney+’s original drama Rookie Cops has been steadily releasing new promos, including a pile of character posters and stills.


Set on the campus of a police academy, the coming-of-age comedy is about a group of young, fearless, and passionate trainees and follows their growth as they learn to become real police officers.

In his first leading role, Kang Daniel plays the highly principled Wie Seung-hyun. He values integrity above all else and can never turn a blind eye to any injustices.

Chae Soo-bin (A Piece of Your Mind) takes on the part of Go Eun-kang. With plenty of courage and determination, once she puts her mind to something, she sees it through to the end.

As for our second leads, Lee Shin-young (Awaken) plays the former Judo athlete Kim Tak who once competed at the nationals, while Park Yoo-na (True Beauty) is the charismatic A-plus student Ki Hanna.

In supporting roles, we have the extroverted crime-drama lover Park Sung-joon (Run On), the curious Do-hee (How to Buy a Friend) who dreams of joining the forensics team, the systematic planner Kim Woo-shik (Scripting Your Destiny), and the child-like Chun Young-min (The Devil Judge).

The cast lineup also includes Kim Sang-ho (My Name), Sohn Chang-min (Record of Youth), Lee Moon-shik (Move to Heaven), and Seo Yi-sook (Start-Up), among others.

Written by Lee Ha-na and directed by PD Kim Byung-soo (That Psychometric Guy, Nine, Queen In-hyun’s Man), Rookie Cops will be releasing January 26 on Disney+.


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