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KBS romance drama casts Kim Jae-wook and Krystal as leads

KBS romance drama casts Kim Jae-wook and Krystal as leads

Kim Jae-wook, Krystal

Romance unfolds between a hagwon boss and his secretary in upcoming KBS drama, Crazy Love. Recently, it was announced that Kim Jae-wook (Voice 4) and Krystal (Police University) will be featuring as the main characters.

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Kim Jae-wook plays the prickly boss, Noh Go-jin, with an interesting back story. He’s only a high school graduate (a big flaw in academically-focused Korea), but he became a celebrity math lecturer at the best hagwon in the country, GOTOP. In no time at all, he made it to the CEO position through hard work and his smarts (his IQ is 190). Despite being high intelligent and good-looking, he has a knack for putting people off with his extreme narcissism. When he receives a serious death threat, it upends all the plans he had for his future.

Krystal plays Lee Shin-ah, the diminutive secretary with no backbone. Although she’s loyal and hardworking, she’s so introverted and shy that her presence hasn’t really left an impression on anyone. However, after withstanding a year of working as Noh Go-jin’s secretary, she’s beginning to receive some respect from her peers. Then, she learns that she has a terminal illness with only a little more time left to live.

Just when it seemed like the boss-secretary storyline had been exhausted, dramaland comes up with a celebrity math lecturer and a terminally ill secretary lol. At any rate, I’m looking forward to seeing Kim Jae-wook again and to seeing Krystal break out of the stoic tough girl mold.

Written by Kim Bo-kyum and directed by Kim Jung-hyun (My Fellow Citizens, Jugglers), Crazy Love will air on iQIYI and KBS on Mondays and Tuesdays, starting next year.

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