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Kim Bum drags Rain around in new promos for body-rental drama Ghost Doctor

Kim Bum drags Rain around in new promos for body-rental drama Ghost Doctor

As the premiere date approaches, tvN’s Ghost Doctor has released more promos including a new poster and video teaser.

In this fantasy medical drama, Rain (Welcome 2 Life) plays a talented surgeon who relies on his own skills and intellect to succeed in his career. Naturally, he clashes with the incompetent resident doctor, Kim Bum (Law School), who coasts through life using his money and connections. Taking a fun twist on bromances and body swaps, the two somehow find themselves sharing a body and have to learn how to understand each other.

The newly released poster shows a gold-gloved Rain sitting on top of Kim Bum’s shoulders. The tagline explains that he was blessed with “god hands” to skillfully perform medical procedures. In contrast, Kim holds up his brown-gloved hands, which the caption attributes to Kim’s poo-like medical abilities (yep!).

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Similar to the previous teaser, the new video features Rain and Kim Bum’s body-sharing situation, but this time it comes from Kim’s perspective. The teaser starts with a dramatic sequence and a very serious Kim Bum preparing himself for surgery. His narration is captured through the onscreen text: “Any doctor who is about to enter surgery has a heavy weight on his shoulders. Especially days like today.”

Then, suddenly the music warps as the door opens and the lights turn on, revealing a smiling Rain who is clinging to Kim Bum’s back. Looking exhausted, Kim complains that the weight is getting heavier. He stumbles into the OR under Rain’s weight, and his fall scrambles the letters of the onscreen text: “Body-rental medical.” The teaser closes with Rain tightening his grip, and Kim struggling to announce the following: “Body-rental medical Ghost Doctor premieres January.”

Premiering on January 3, Ghost Doctor is written by Kim Seon-soo (Live Up to Your Name) and directed by PD Bu Sung-chul (Our Gapsoon, My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho).

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