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Kim Sun-ah reveals her true face in Queen of the Mask

Kim Sun-ah reveals her true face in Queen of the Mask

A trippy first teaser has dropped for Channel A’s upcoming Queen of the Mask, along with new character stills of our charismatic foursome: Kim Sun-ah (The Empire), Oh Yoon-ah (Once Again), Shin Eun-jung (Dr. Park’s Clinic), and Yoo Sun (Eve).

At the onset of the mystery-thriller, three of the four have been living grandly and enjoying successful careers. But it’s all at the expense of a lie made ten years ago, when the trio betrayed their fourth friend and made her take the fall for a murder she didn’t commit. Now, that old friend has re-appeared in their lives and the story follows the downward spiral as the group’s true faces become unmasked.

The new teaser doesn’t reveal much about the plot and is a short introduction to our four actors. But, there is a lot of symbolism at play, with the monochromatic color theme and the use of stripes to weave each of the characters’ two faces together. The video then closes its sequence on an ornate white mask.

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The first of the group is Do Jae-yi (Kim Sun-ah), a famous human rights lawyer, who stoops low to help the city’s mayor clean up messes, on the condition that she becomes successor. But Jae-yi’s ambitions are also fueled by revenge, when she discovers a secret about her and her friends’ past.

Go Yoona (Oh Yoon-ah), of course, is all about revenge as the fourth friend who was framed for murder. In addition to Jae-yi, Yoona has her eyes on the other two traitors as well: arts foundation director Joo Yoo-jung (Shin Eun-jung) and hotel vice-president Yoon Hae-mi (Yoo Sun).

Written by Im Do-wan with PD Kang Ho-joong at the helm, Channel A’s Queen of the Mask is currently set to premiere in April.

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