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Korean Ahjussi Goes Mega-Viral For Being The Most Babygirl Material

A South Korean man is going viral for his sassy mannerisms.

Meet Gio Shin, a makeup artist who works as a Beauty Chief Specialist at luxury brand Tom Ford.

Gio Shin | @gio_shin/Instagram

He has amassed a substantial following online, with 770,000 followers and counting on his Instagram account @gio_shin.

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Here, he frequently posts makeup tutorials using Tom Ford products, putting each on his face in the middle of the store. The accompanying captions are often filled with detailed explanations on what he is using, from the product name to their shades.


One particular video of his went viral internationally. Released on April 20, it was a tutorial where emphasized Tom Ford’s “GLOSS LUXE number 24” lip gloss.

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Netizens couldn’t help but leave a variety of positive comments on the video. They knew based on his confidence and sassiness that he was “the office siren” and that he “knows he’s bad.” Without a doubt, Gio Shin “ate [them] up” and was “so bonita coded.” They trusted him to do their makeup as well!

FI (8)

Netizens loved how he was such “babygirl material” during the entire video.

  • When he applied that lip gloss he knew he was that girl.
  • He cooked.
  • He’s serving.

FI (9)

The video has garnered over 3.7 million views and counting. Check out the full tutorial below!

Source: Instagram


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