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Lee Jin-wook, Lee Yeon-hee face Wedding Hell in new promos

Lee Jin-wook, Lee Yeon-hee face Wedding Hell in new promos

With the premiere soon ahead, Kakao TV’s Welcome to Wedding Hell has been steadily putting out new promos featuring the rom-com’s soon-to-be-wedded couple, Lee Jin-wook (Bulgasal: Immortal Souls) and Lee Yeon-hee (SF8).

The two Lees are newly engaged after blissfully dating for two years, but their dreams of a fairy tale happily-ever-after are about to get hit with a cold splash of reality. There’s a lot to celebrate and be excited about, but there’s also the mountainous task of planning the wedding itself, managing finances, and figuring out the wheres and hows of living together going forward.


In the new stills, we get a peek at the (dreaded) meeting of the two families. Lee Yeon-hee’s doting parents sit on one side, played by Kim Mi-kyung (Forecasting Love and Weather) and Im Ha-ryong (365: Repeat the Year). On the other, we have Lee Jin-wook’s proud parents, Yoon Yoo-sun (Tomorrow) and Gil Yong-woo (Fatal Promise).

The story will also have a second lead romance with Lee Jin-wook’s bestie Song Jin-woo (Jirisan) and Lee Yeon-hee’s work sunbae Hwang Seung-un (You Are My Spring).

Written by Choi Yi-rang (My Country Calls, Tamra the Island) and co-directed by PD Song Je-young (The Great Shaman Ga Doo-shim) and PD Seo Joo-wan (Damn Good Company), Welcome to Wedding Hell premieres May 23 and will be releasing internationally on Netflix.


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