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Lee Young-ae becomes a homebody gamer for Inspector Gu

Lee Young-ae becomes a homebody gamer for Inspector Gu

Upcoming JTBC investigative comedy Inspector Gu (formerly known as Wonderful Gu Kyung-yi) has just released its first teaser. Featuring Lee Young-ae (Saimdang, Light’s Diary) as the titular character, the drama is an adaptation of the critically-acclaimed BBC show, Killing Eve.

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Lee Young-ae’s character, Gu Kyung-yi, is a private insurance investigator and pathological homebody who can’t stand it when she gets into a rut in terms of gaming or investigating. In the teaser, she sits in a dark basement with trash littered all around her. She pays no attention to her squalid surroundings because she’s so focused on her game. She yells, “Kill everything! Kill everything!” until she reaches a point in her game where she wins and then exclaims with joy, “I did it!”

The next scene shows a garbage man completely surprised as Gu Kyung-yi rolls out of the back of his dumpster. A crowd is gathered in front of some type of phenomenon, and Gu Kyung-yi watches with suspicious eyes, huddled under a comforter. The onscreen copy reads: “I’m not… a crazy person.” However, Lee Young-ae’s voiceover says, “That’s doubtful,” as the teaser ends.

Written by Sung Cho-yi and directed by Lee Jung-heum, JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama Inspector Gu will air in October.

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