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News bites: September 25, 2022

News bites: September 25, 2022

  • A new poster and video teaser have been unveiled for Watcha’s new original series It May Be a Little Spicy Today (roughly translated). Written and directed by filmmaker Lee Ho-jae (Sori: Voice From the Heart), the melodrama brings the warmth of food and family together through the story’s family of three: Han Seok-kyu (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2), Kim Seo-hyung (Mine), and Jin Ho-eun (Shooting Stars). After a showing at the Busan International Film Festival in October, the drama will be launching on Watcha’s platform in December. [Osen]

  • A new poster has dropped for Netflix’s upcoming Glitch as well, putting our alien friend at the forefront while old friends Jeon Yeo-bin (Vincenzo) and Nana (Genesis) try to investigate. Coming to our screens in just a few weeks on October 7, the sci-fi has writing by Jin Han-se (Extracurricular) and Noh Deok (SF8: Manxin) as the talent behind the camera. [KBS]
  • In contrast, tvN’s new posters for The Queen’s Umbrella features the main cast in a vintage painting style. Along with Kim Hye-soo (Juvenile Justice), Choi Won-young (Golden Spoon), and Kim Hae-sook (Tomorrow), we also have Ok Ja-yeon (Big Mouth) and Kim Ga-eun (Kiss Sixth Sense), along with our first look at SF9’s Chani (Imitation) and Kim Min-ki (The King of Tears, Lee Bang-won). The black comedy sageuk premieres October 15. [MBC]

  • Park Kyu-young (Dal-li and Gamjatang) has been cast as the female lead in A Good Day To Be a Dog, who’s been burdened with a strange curse: transforming into a dog whenever she’s kissed. Also starring Cha Eun-woo (True Beauty) and Lee Hyun-woo (Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area), the fantasy rom-com begins filming this October with PD Kim Dae-woong at the helm and scripts by Baek In-ha. [News1]
  • Disney+ revealed that Kim Tae-hoon (There Is No Gu Pil-soo) will be appearing in their upcoming drama Shadow Detective. The character Kim will be playing is a close hoobae to our hero Lee Sung-min (Juvenile Justice). But their relationship has since become estranged now that Kim is Lee’s boss. The investigative crime drama will be launching next month in October. [10 Asia]

  • Although it’s still early, tvN drama Lady released their first still, featuring Lee Jia (Penthouse 3) as our story’s first lady-to-be. With Lee Sang-yoon (One the Woman) as her husband, the drama also stars Jang Hee-jin (The Red Sleeve Cuff), Park Ki-woong (You Raise Me Up), and Bong Tae-kyu (Penthouse 3). Slated to broadcast in 2023, production is being led by PD Choi Young-hoon (One the Woman) and writer Hyun Ji-min. [News1]
  • SBS has been busy with promos for their campus rom-com Cheer Up and this time we’ve got stills of supporting cast, Yang Dong-geun (Human Disqualification) and Ryu Hyun-kyung (Doctor Detective). Premiering in just over a week, on October 3, the two will be playing cheer squad alums and long-time friends, who were each other’s first loves back in college. [Maeil Kyungje]


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