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“Penthouse” Actor Park Eun Suk Masterfully Shuts Down A Hateful Comment Criticizing His English And Background

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Apparently, “Penthouse” Actor Park Eun Suk rising popularity has led to a rise in the hate comments.

The actor has gained massive popularity after appearing on the hit SBS drama “Penthouse,” he’s recently appeared on the hit variety show “I Live Alone” to show his life and talk about his background and more.

While his appearance became trending news and garnered even more positive attention, it also attracted one particular malicious netizen who attempted to criticize Park Eun Suk, it ended up backfiring in the most magnificent way possible.

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The hate comment reads,

“I came to the US when I was two years old and received my citizenship. I’ve lived here since then and attend UCLA now so I’m saying this as a college student that you’re really annoying and I can’t stand that you’re showing off about how little time you spent living here.

And you go on speaking English to show off the little time you’ve spent here. But then again, you only attended a community college here so I guess that makes you a fool in the end after all. And I know your story about giving up your residency is an excuse.

You’re not allowed to hold dual citizenships these days so you had to give up one and why not give up the US residency since you wanted to be a Korean actor anyway, right? you thought people wouldn’t figure it out if you beat around the bush? with how below Henry you are, you still wanted to guest on ‘I Live Alone’?’

Park Eun Suk saw that comment and responded with,

“I’ll be coming on the show next week as well ~ ^^ please look forward to more of my stories beating around the bush!”

Fans are applauding Park Eun Suk’s classy response to the malicious commenter, after the news went viral, fans went back to check on the comment and couldn’t find it, it appears that it’s been deleted.

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