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Popular Taiwanese Drama “Someday or One Day ” to Get Korean Remake

Someday or One Day Taiwanese DramaGreg Hsu and Alice Ke

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Well, this is interesting. The popular Taiwanese drama Someday of One Day is going to be getting a Korean remake! Someday or One Day starred Alice Ke and Greg Hsu and was a fantasy romance about a 27 year old woman struggling to deal with the death of her boyfriend that gets caught up in a series of mysterious events involving him.

I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of a remake. I recently enjoyed this amazing drama which I highly recommend to everyone. Seriously, go watch it! The review can be found here for more details.

I find myself in a unique situation here. Since I primarily watch kdramas, I pretty much always see the Korean remakes of other Asian dramas first which usually bodes well for me. Now, being on the other side and having already seen the original Someday or One Day and the masterpiece that it was, it’s hard to imagine another version being anywhere near as good.

I am super curious though and will be closely following the Korean version. The original cast was so good and perfect for their roles, so I wonder who might do the characters justice in the new version. We’ll have to see what they come up with!

No casting or broadcast details have been released for the remake yet.

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