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Rain stands by Kim Haneul in Disney+’s Red Swan

Rain stands by Kim Haneul in Disney+’s Red Swan

Waltzing us into Disney+’s upcoming action-melo Red Swan, the first teaser follows leads Kim Haneul (Nothing Uncovered) and Rain (Ghost Doctor) as they’re sunk into the mysteries surrounding the ~illustrious~ Hwa-in Group.

Casting a veneer of grandeur and prestige, the opening sequence is a clear juxtaposition of our chaebol family’s fancy life and the secretive shady dealings that helped them secure their wealth. This leads us to our revenge-minded hero Seo Do-yoon (Rain), a skilled former police officer who witnesses his friend and partner cop Joo-hyuk getting killed.

However, the looming danger has a target on Oh Wan-soo (Kim Haneul) as well, giving Do-yoon the means to enter Hwa-in as Wan-soo’s personal bodyguard. Speaking for the audience, Do-yoon asks, “What kind of people live here exactly?” We then learn that our once pro golfer heroine is the chairwoman of a charity – the Now Foundation – and is married to the Hwa-in heir Jung Kyeo-woon (You’re Too Much).

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The fierce Seo Yi-sook (Knight Flower) is the current head of the Hwa-in Group, who is informed by lawyer Yoon Je-moon (Nothing Uncovered) about Do-yoon’s connection to Joo-hyuk. It is here that we learn that the latter died while investigating the death of Hwa-in’s former president. What a coincidence.

For now, though, Do-yoon is preoccupied with protecting a skeptical Wan-soo, explaining that, “Someone tried to kill you. They failed. The person is a professional. If it was me, I would try again.” Our hero also realizes that the culprit has their eyes on Wan-soo’s Now Foundation, which acts as a front for the conglomerate’s slush funds.

As Do-yoon digs deeper, it’s no surprise that there are sleazy secrets hiding behind every corner in Hwa-in and when Wan-soo tries to take a stand, President Park (Seo Yi-sook) lashes out. But Wan-soo does have support from Do-yoon, believing that whoever tried to kill her is the same person who killed Joo-hyuk.

In the final sequence, President Park ruthlessly decides that, “They wield the foundation. If they won’t leave by dying, then we can push them out by killing them.” At the same time, Do-yoon resolves to ensure justice is served, declaring as the teaser ends, “Just wait, I’m going to make sure that they’re punished. The culprit is in this household.”

Directed by PD Park Hong-kyoon (Hwayugi) with scripts penned by Choi Yoon-jung, Disney+’s Red Swan will be launching on July 3.

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