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Retrospective: 2019 K-Dramas we loved most

But as another year has passed? We really don’t know what to say about this, but for the business, which by 2019 is only gained even more from our list of dramas to be watched.

South Korea, for the past ten years, has opened its doors to the culture, and the global market in a really quick time. This shows the trend that year after year after year, and the lifestyle and respect in the society will evolve, even in countries that are considered to be more traditional. Many of the Dramas they represent, this tradicionalidade, but we realized that for some time now, especially in the year 2019 at the latest, the affairs of the more “controversial” site of the work, as a single mother, sexuality, feminism, etc. etc. they were pretty covered in the telinhas in south korea.

The other advantage is that we have had this year, it has been on the site for streaming, Netflix has to be bringing in increasingly more production of the dramas in the asian original. After the end of Dramafever, many have lost hope as to the access to watch k-dramas my favorites, but we have been saved, and offered a choice of several different story lines are amazing.

From this short list, separate them from the 12 to the k-drama is the most commented in Brazil, and it gained for them. Check it out! 🙂

– Forever Camellia

Where to watch: Netflix

Dong-Baek (Kong Hyo-Jin) is a single mother who lives in the small town of Ongsan. She goes to the bar, the restaurant, the Camellia, while also caring for her son, Pil-Goo (Kim Kang-Hoon). The people of the Ongsan often gossip about Dong-Baek, since you grew up an orphan, a single mother, and drives to a bar where a lot of the men in the province’s schools.

No matter what the locals might whisper about Dong-Baek, a police officer, the local Hwang Yong-Sik (Kang Ha-Neul) are deeply in love with her. In the meantime, the ex-boyfriend of Dong-Baek, Kang Jong-Ryeol (Kim Ji-Suk), later reappears in a sudden in your life. It is a well-known baseball player who hid the relationship from them when you dated. While Dong-Baek is trying to find happiness in it, something truly sinister is perpetuated by the province, such as: a serial murderer walks Ongsan, and Dong-Baek can be a target.

The Historian

Where to watch: Netflix

The story takes place at the beginning of the XIX. Goo Hae Ryung is an apprentice historian in the house. However, it was not acceptable for women to write the historical records at that time. It gives you step by step to create your own destiny, in the Joseon, where the ideas of Confucius, are deep-rooted.

She wants to fulfill her duties as historian, and to prove to the world that they are all the same. Along with the struggles of other historians, the drama will feature the love affair with the crown prince (Yi) in the Kidney, they have a secret of their own.


Where to watch: Netflix

The plug From the Burgeoning (Lee Seung Gi) is a stunt double who dreams of becoming an actor, the action, famous in the world. After a number of accidents at work and decides to drop to a risky career to take care of his nephew, an orphan. With her boyfriend to catch a flight to Morocco for an exhibition of tae kwon do, but the plane crashes. In Morocco, the Tea From the Burgeoning sees him as a man who was on the flight, terminal illness, and convinces her that someone, or some group, has sabotaged the flight, and his nephew.

Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy) is a member of the NIS, and is currently working undercover at the embassy of Korea in Thailand. She is in charge of the embassy to help out the bereaved families of the flight’s death. The plug From the Burgeoning call for help, the Go-Hae-Ri-to-find-the-man-survivor-of-flight. Therefore, the Plug From the Burgeoning-and-Go Hae-Ri and discover a plot much darker and more sinister than they had expected.

The Romance is a Bonus Book

Where to watch: Netlix

Cha Eun-Ho (Lee Jong-Suk) is a writer of genius, and is the editor-in-chief of a publishing house well known and well-known.

Kang, Dan-I, Lee Na-Young) I used to be an editor-in-chief of popular in the past, but after marrying, gave up your career to look after the house and her daughter. After her divorce, finds herself broke and unemployed. Even as she tries to find a job, he suffers from the prejudice of the companies that have spent many years out of work, and also for his / her age.

She is forced to lie about his background to get a job at a publishing house, which, coincidentally, is the same one that Eun-Ho’s work.

One Night in the Spring

File:One Spring Night-P2.jpgWhere to watch: Netflix

Lee, Jeong-In (Han Ji-Min), he decided to prioritize the happiness of your life, such as a library is dedicated. Her longtime boyfriend, Kwon, Gi-Seok (Kim Joon-Han, have a good job as the head of a department in a bank, came from a wealthy family, is good looking and smart.

However, your love life will change when Jeong-In, she and Yu Ji-Ho (Jung Hae In), and a childhood friend of her brother. He is a pharmacist, and a single father, with a life very different from that of her current boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop the two of them fall in love, and revivam crush the past, they had each other.

In Her Private Life

File:Her Private Life-P1.jpg

Where to watch: Viki, Viu

Sung Deok-Mi (Park Min Young) works as a curator in an art gallery. Back to a life focused on work and strike a pose with chic, she’s such a fan of the I-Shih-Na, who even runs the fan club for him.

For the sake of his love-Shih-Na, she has ended several relationships, love, and, for this reason, he decided to keep his bigotry a secret, concentrating on your work.

One day, Ryan (Kim Jae-Wook) started working as the new director of the art gallery, where Deok-Im works. It doesn’t have a lot of interest in other people, but we end up finding out that its curator, have a life outside of work, and you end up looking for it.

Search: WWW

File:Search- WWW-TP.jpg

Where to watch: Viki, Viu

Waste-Ta-Mi (Lim Soo-Jung) works as a director of a major Portal on the web. She is 30 and in just a few years ago, and it’s very competitive. With a competitive, Ta-Mi, and enjoys the success. The methods that she uses to beat to make you wonder if they are doing the right thing, get on with your life, as it turned out, leaving aside his personal life in order to be successful in their work.

In parallel, the Park’s Hand-Gun ‘ (Chang Ki-Yong), a man of 20 years old, and is a composer of music for video games, a very talented one. As a target, the Mo-Gun-is-Ta-E into a gallery and fall in love with her, due to her competitive spirit.

Love The Alarm

File:Love Alarm-Netflix-P1.jpgWhere to watch: Netflix

Love the Alarm, it’s a k-drama Series, is based on a Manhwa of the same name. The plot revolves around a world where an app called Love-the Alarm is released in South Korea, very popular throughout the country. The app will show you who loves you in a radius of 10 meters of each other, making it almost a destiny in the electronic.

At the same time, the young Kim’s Well (Kim So-Hyun), who lives a miserable life since he had lost his parents, until he starts dating with the Sun-Oh (Song Kang), a young, rich man who starts the whispers in the school. When I was a teenager, and they all have their ups and downs in the relationship, because of the influence of a third party, and, after a certain incident, and they end up finishing up and walking away.

Years later, Well as an adult, continues with a variety of jobs to make ends meet and pay off a debt that his mother has left before she dies, and in the meantime, the country goes into a state of social crisis, due to the issues with the app Love the Alarm’s cause.

A mixture of the novel and in “the Black Mirror, the drama is critical for the application of the relationships, portraying characters who are committing suicide because of the loneliness, the Love, the Standard provides for the people. Many of the characters are eager to find their soul mates, but they are disappointed to find out that they are not loved in return. Consequently, this leads to a state of depression, and obsession with such characters, even to the point of taking their own lives.

Extraordinary You

File:Extraordinary You-tp001.jpgWhere to watch: Viki, Viu

The story is about Eun-Dan, The (Kim Hye-Yoon), a young girl with a normal life, with money and a boyfriend who likes it a lot, but, all of a sudden, things start to fall apart. In addition to having his love unrequited, he starts to have some symptoms of a very strange loss of memory. In search of answers to an illness, Dan-O finds out that you can’t live a healthy life due to a heart problem seriously.

With all these strange things happening to her, she meets the “Fairy of the Moon’s Dry”, a young boy who ends up telling her that things are going wrong in her life, because she’s a character from a comic book. When Dan-O knows that he is the main character in this story, she creates a personality that is completely different from what his creator did to her, he wants to be the star of their own story, their own desires, and choose your true love.

In the world of the story in the comic is divided into two areas: the stage, which is where the story takes place in a comic book. All of the characters are left in the automatic mode, and they are in the story as the author wrote it; the Shadow is the side away from the stage as from backstage, that it’s the player that creates consciousness, as Dan and It may not be the same.

The Hotel del Luna

File:Hotel Del Luna-GP.jpg

Where to watch: Viki, Viu

Jang Man-Maybe (UI) is the owner of the Hotel del Luna, and a mystery hotel in the heart of Seoul, with an architecture that is, well, rustic. The mystery that surrounds this hotel, it is a curse, that a Man-Maybe he suffered too many years ago, because of a mistake you made. As a result, as punishment, she was locked in the Hotel del Luna, and went on to become a woman, fickle, suspicious, and greedy.

In parallel to this, it shows a history of the Koo-Chan-Sung (Yeo Jin-Goo), a young man, he worked as the assistant manager of a corporate hotel chain, multinational. Due to an unexpected event, he began to work as a general manager of the hotel, Jang Man-Maybe, but what he did not expect is that the customer base is made up by the ghosts.

It is a Psychometric

File:He is Psychometric-mp001.jpg

Where to watch: Viki, Viu

Lee, An, Park Jin-Young) is a psychometric, so that it touches someone, it can be read from the memory of that person. Using his special ability, the Lee of An want to end up with the evil of the world.

Their lives end up crossing over with Yoon Jae-In, Shin Ye-Eun, a girl with a past that left scars in his memory, and, therefore, tries his best to hide it from the others. Together, Lee, An, and Yoon Jae-In to become involved in a case and strive to resolve them.

The Tale of the Nok-Du

File:The Tale of Nokdu-P1.jpg

Where to watch: Viki, Viu

Jeon Nok-Du (Jang Dong-Yoon) is a smart agent that lives on an island with her father and older brother, is super-protected and isolated from the mainland since he was a child. One day his family is attacked by a group of murderers, and the Nok-Du) follows them to the capital.

During this time, he meets Dong, Dong-Ju (Kim So-Hyun). For some reason, she wants to hurt the king, but the Nok-Du) to prevent the cause of the problem. In the meantime, the killer that Jeon Nok-Du chases after it enters a town, and to find out who and why his family was attacked, he disguises himself as a woman. While there, he reunites with Dong, Dong-Ju, who was an apprentice to become a Gisaeng (female artists who work to entertain the mighty men).

Of course, this list does not represent even half of the k-dramas that have been released this year. Comment on what others have you watched and which one was your favorite!

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