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[Review] Extraordinary You

Original title: Ha-Roo Found by Chance; 어쩌다 발견한 하루; (Original version)
The title is adapted: Extraordinary You
Production year: 2019
World premiere: 02/10/2019
Director: Kim Sang Hyub
Duration: 32 episodes of 30 minutes From the 02/10/2019, the 21/11/2019
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Tv station: MBC
Country of origin: South Korea
The average rating on Viki: 9.6 in
Review K4US by the: and Even Gave in and Caroline Dadalto.


Synopsis according to the website, Website: Eun-Dan-Oh (Kim Hye Yoon is a student at new york’s prestigious, but he has a heart condition. One day, quite by accident, she discovers that she and everyone else in their world, they are, in fact, a character in a webtoon called “the Secret”. Even worse, He said Oh it’s just a secondary character in this story, and it is hoped that it will die anytime soon. Not content with this fate, she decided to write her own story, forging her own destiny by changing the plot of the story, and to finding your own true love.

This drama is based on the comic book series of the web 어쩌다 발견 another 7 월 / gmt time zone Found ” by Chance”, in the Moo Ryoo (무류), which was published for the first time on the 18th of January, in the year 2018.


The Extra-ordinary ” You ” has been released in a way that is different from the drama is conventional, being shown on tv twice a week, but in two short episodes, which complemented each other. As if this were an episode of a conventional one-hour mark, but split it in half. For this reason, we have 32 half-hour episodes, which the audience adopted, often telling you that it is a drama of 16 episodes.

Below are some of the characters, in which we focus on in the review, and you can see the others by clicking here.



Eun-Dan-Oh (Kim Hye Yoon is a high school student in a school that’s prestigious, that you have a heart condition, congenital. At a certain point in the story, she realizes that she has some gaps in his memories and begins to understand that, in fact, she is a fictional character from the manhwa (comics in Korean).

In life, guided by the choices of the writer, Eun-Dan, Oh, he was such a character, whose purpose was to help a couple of the actors (Oh, Nam-Joo & Yeo Joo-Da), to stay together, and recently was informed that I would have to do a surgery that could take his life.

For a long time, Dan, ” Oh you believe that it is the main character of the story, but in short you take it is one of the minor characters. This is the revolt of the girl, I decided to change the method of the Manhwa. In the story, then, has to be divided by race, Eun-Dan, Oh in order to save their own lives, and become the main character.

In the drama, and with the help of the Jinmiche, also called the Fairy of the Squid Dry with a kitchen staff of the school, Eun-Dan, Oh means that there are two phases of history: the “stage”, where the scenes in the manhwa are happening, and the “shadow” in which the characters ‘ lives continue on the course while you are waiting to get into the scene again and again.

“In the shadow”, all of the characters that you take into account that they are in a comic book, they have personalities that are different from what they were intended to be, and you can talk and do whatever they want. However, the characters are not aware of the situation, to forget everything that is happening in the “shadow”, and only remember the “stage”. While on the “stage” they have no choice in their actions, because they do what the writer writes.

Along the way, to change his story, Eun-Dan, Oh know, another minor character, who up until then didn’t exist in the comic books. It’s so irrelevant that he can’t speak, and nor does it have a name. However, it is always close at hand and the doing of good deeds for the student. Because of this, she has the same name as the “Title”.

With the passage of time, Title, Ro Woon) to begin to speak, and appear on the “stage” of the Manhwa, and apparently he’s the only character that you can change the pre-defined actions of the “stage” and, therefore, the only person who is able to save Eun-Dan, the Oh of the death.


In the course of the story, often it appears as a flower of the mysterious so-called “Flower of the Trumpet, which has a strong meaning in the lives of the majority of the game.



Eun-Dan-Oh (Kim Hye-Yoon)

It is the sole heiress of a wealthy family, she suffers from a disease and abnormality of heart, and that he did go to kindergarten all in the hospital, and that it often causes blackouts in high school. Because of the serious problems in the heart, and it needs to go through a surgery that could take his life. In spite of her illness, she is a very upbeat, positive and a dreamer.

Dan Oh, is the wedding of Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook), a young, to whom the writer is appointed for your friendship and for those who have a one-sided love for more than 10 years of age. Because of the illness of the girl, and the families want them to get married as soon as possible, before he or she dies.

However, when the young man realizes that he is a character with a destination terminal is planned, and the “real me,” and discovers that, in fact, you do not love Baek Kyung, and her personality is different from that displayed by his character.

At the beginning of the drama, she is a good friend of Shin Sae-Mi’s (Kim Ji-In, and Ahn Soo Chul (Kim Hyun-Mok), and with the passage of time, it becomes a friend, an inseparable part of the Title, and Lee-Hwa.



Title (Ro-Woon)

Haru is a college student who appears in a mysterious way. In the beginning, it doesn’t have a name or spoken word. He doesn’t know where it came from, and neither do your job, but you know that you’re in a different world, and that is something that connects your life to the life of Eun-Dan, Oh.

After it is a fact that a decisive influence on the young student’s name as the Title, and from then on it has lines and it is known as the student’s “Number 13”, and it does appear to be the only character in the Manhwa that it has the power to change the story on the “stage” that had been set up by the author.

He seems to have a special connection with the Flower of a trumpet”, and it later became a friend of Lee-Hwa.


Baek Kyung (Lee Jae-Wook)

Kyung is a part of the A3, the trio of boys, the most famous school in the usa. You always have a cool look, and you don’t care about the reputation that it has amongst the students. For the interest of his father, and to the family of Dan, ” Oh, he is forced to become engaged to the girl, even as a very young man. In spite of the engagement, Kyung laughed Eun-Dan, (Oh, and the abuse of people, and a testament to the hatred of the relationship and forced the two of them.

However, with the advent of the Title, and the way that Dan’s (Oh and the Title, if they become close to the feelings for Baek Kyung will begin to change.


Lee Hwa (Lee-Hwa)

It is a college student who is also a part of the A3, and is a close friend of Baek Kyung and Oh-Nam Joo (the main character of the Manhwa, although it is to be famous in high school, he is a young, fresh, smiling, and he is the character who brings out the stress amusing to your story.

Just as Eun-Dan, (Oh, and he discovers that he is a fictional character in the comic books, and it brings him closer to her, and from the Title, what you end up doing with it to support the business plans of the young people to change the destiny that is controlled by the writer.



From the very beginning, because the characters in the Manhwa, can easily recall a k-drama is hugely successful, W But he deceives himself who thinks that the stories are similar, or have anything to do.

The way of life it is interpreted within the drama, it’s different, and it brings a unique character and the Extraordinary, You. To the contrary, in the W end of the drama has so many plot twists and scenes to the more “sexy”, just because it is a novel, student body.

The ensemble cast brings the young actors who are talented, who have been able to give life to their characters, so as maestral. In spite of the lack of depth at some points of the characters, because of the lack of details about their personal lives) and the cast of the chosen knew how to dispense with the interpretation of the comic and the dramatic. One thing to note, is that the characters are very cartoonish, giving the impression that you really have come straight out of a comic book cliche of the high school.

Extraordinary-You have brought fame, especially for a Rowon, of SF9 – when he had his first leading role. And he did it with the eyes of the public to open up to the beautiful and talented Lee Jae Wook.

Kim, Hye-Yoon, for his part, is a young actress who has brought in the luggage, many of the other papers for acting in the Korean TV, which meant that he could interpret, plainly, a character with a personality that lit up and with a sad story.

One interesting thing to note about the plot is that the main characters in the Manhwa are pretty much irrelevant in the story, leaving room for the side characters are the real stars of the Extra-Ordinary to You.

In spite of the characters often are shallow, and the story is exciting, intense, and full of the mysteries between the past and the present, and able to hold the attention of the viewers from the beginning to the end.

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After these new episodes, and I think that is the Title, and to Dan in Oh, they were a part of the book, called “the flower”, which refers to the historical period, and it’s the Title you already knew it, because you have a piece that shows a cartoon character that’s probably him, saying he didn’t know where it came from, and the other part in which he says that if you don’t have the answer as to how he came to this world, he will have his own answer, that is, in the same speech, he says the squid is dry, and already is, when they are in a “secret”. Outside of that, in the last episode, we sent a lot, as if the Title had more skills related to the ancient period, such as playing the flute, as well as the painting, which he did. And Dan, Oh? I want to know what the role of it in a book called “the flower” </33 But, apparently, I believe that these two have a past together. ⠀⠀⁣⁣⁣⁣ × Kdrama: Extraordinary-You X Where to watch: Drama, Fansubs, Sora, Fansubs, Viki, Kocowa. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀ ¦ #extraordinaryou #extraordinaryyou ¦⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⠀ kaah ✨

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Like most of the dramas of high school and has a scene with a long novel, which sometimes leads to an embarrassment of others, for that matter), the love triangle and the intrigue. However, at a certain point in the story he escapes from the conventional one, making the plot twist, that really no one expected, about a very distant past of the characters.

For the sake of the mystery embedded in the scenes, it’s easy to create theories, and be surprised to find out that our faro in the dust of the earth in the drama is, of course, that was what drove the drama in the social network, because the fans were “insane” and trying to compare their views and find out who it was coming more from the fact that it would happen in the next few chapters of this book.

Personally, the ending was different from what I imagined. There was no surprise ending, because it left some of the questions and gaps in knowledge that did not appear to be purposeful, but rather a lack of “idea” or “time” to finish the story. It was simple, without losing the emotional toll of that and the fans need it, and it was, therefore, acceptable.

Although in the end it is subtle, it is a drama worth to be watched, by the instinct of the detective, that is because in the us, and the emotions, a variety released in the course of the chapters of this book.


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