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Sageuk-comedy Inspector Joy releases new teaser featuring Taecyeon

Sageuk-comedy Inspector Joy releases new teaser featuring Taecyeon

tvN’s 15th anniversary is coming, and with it a sageuk-comedy drama that stars Taecyeon (Vincenzo, The Game: Towards Zero) and Kim Hye-yoon (Extraordinary You). Known as Inspector Joy (formerly Tale of the Secret Royal Investigator and Jo-yi), the drama is about the unique partnership between a secret royal inspector who doesn’t want to uphold his royal mandate, and a Joseon dynasty divorcée who bulldozes through social norms.

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Taecyeon’s character is a civil servant who is a strong defender of lunch hours and leaving work on time. With sudden disappearance being a frequent job hazard, and gambling one’s life being a daily occurrence, it’s no wonder Taecyeon doesn’t want to accept his dangerous career path. Although he seems like a run-of-the-mill civil servant, he’s actually an elite who placed first in the national civil service exams.

Kim Hye-yoon plays the part of Joy, a woman who is deemed scandalous after choosing to divorce her husband to pursue her own happiness. After she meets Taecyeon, she begins to spread her wings as an inspector.

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In the teaser, Taecyeon receives his appointment as secret royal inspector in the middle of the night. His face falls as he reads the royal mandate.

As he recalls his predecessors, we see flashbacks of their untimely demises as he narrates: “Correspondence from the first one was lost” (we see him being tortured), and “I heard the second went into hiding” (we see a dead body with a secret royal inspector token carelessly thrown in a warehouse). Taec tears up as he continues, “The last inspector is in a state of disappearance” (we see a grizzly bear chewing on something).

Taec wonders aloud, “Why me?!” while the onscreen copy reads: “Crazy Investigative Show.” The teaser ends with Taec and his two friends looking defeated at their next assignment.

Directed by Yoo Jong-sun (Designated Survivor: 60 Days, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim) and written by Lee Jae-yoon (Handsome Guy and Jung-eum), tvN’s anniversary drama Inspector Joy will begin airing in November.

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