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Seo In-gook fans his way into Oh Yeon-seo’s heart in KBS’s Cafe Minamdang

Seo In-gook fans his way into Oh Yeon-seo’s heart in KBS’s Cafe Minamdang

Counting down to the premiere next week, KBS’s Cafe Minamdang has been laying out their last round of promos including colorful new posters (with some beautiful fans!) and a video teaser.

The comedy-mystery assembles an odd bunch of justice fighters, ranging from the “mystical” shaman Nam Han-joon – played by Seo In-gook (Doom at Your Service) – to the more conventional law enforcer, Detective Han Jae-hee – who is played by Oh Yeon-seo (Mad for Each Other).


Kwak Shi-yang (IDOL: The Coup)’s Gong Su-cheol joins the team as a detective with a side job as a barista at Shaman Nam’s cafe. What would the team be without a good hacker, though? That’s where Kang Mina (Moonshine) comes in. She plays Nam Hye-joon, who is also our Shaman’s younger sister.

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The teaser begins with an introduction to our larger-than-life Shaman Nam, who announces his decision to open a cafe. Detective Han is skeptical about Nam’s new-found abilities, but we see business is booming and Nam is aided by his hacker sister as well as Detective/Barista Gong.

Although Detective Han vows to take our shaman down, Nam confidently asserts that it’s a win-win situation; he can help people and make money. He tries to put an end to their seeing each other ever again, but we hit our cue for a quintessential drama moment and the teaser comes to a close.

Written by Park Hye-jin (Ruler – Master of the Mask) with PD Go Jae-hyun (Will You Have Dinner With Me) at the helm, KBS’s Cafe Minamdang premieres June 27 in the Monday-Tuesday slot and will be available internationally on Netflix.



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