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Seungri’s court trial to be held by the Ground Operations Command

Big Bang Seungri‘s case will be tried by the Ground Operations Command. 
According to army officials and other sources, Seungri’s case has been assigned to the Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Agreement Department. After Seungri completed his basic military training, accordingly, the 26th Criminal Department of the South Central District Court transferred the trial to the General Military Court of the Fifth Corps Command on May 15th.
The General Military Court of the Fifth Corps Command however did not directly take charge of the trial but transferred the case back to the General Military Court of the Ground Operations Command who filed the case on June 23rd. 
The exact reason for the transfer is unknown, but the move is said to be taken in consideration of the gravity of the issue. The move is seen as intended to conduct trials at higher-level units and deal with them in greater depth. 
The Ground Operations Command will conduct trial against Seungri for eight charges that include arranging prostitution and overseas gambling. 
Seungri Reportedly Refusing To Hand Over His Phone For Investigation
  1. [+2,060, -25] What’s the point of conducting another trial. Seungri will get away anyway.
  2. [+1,872, -25] Conduct the trial in depth..I don’t have any experience as a military attorney but I can give a rough conclusion…that 100% means he’ll definitely get his charges suspended…that pharmacy is well known for lobbying the upper ranks. 
  3. [+1,584, -17] I better not see this trash ba$tard on air ever again. Those trash lawmakers that let him get away can f*** off too. 
  4. [+48, -0] Seungri is even above Choi Soon-sil
  5. [+33, -2] Seungri must be punished. If the truly follow the law, he needs to get jailed for at least 10 years.
  6. [+28, -0] Just tie him up in the middle of Gwanghamun
  7. [+20, -0] Don’t waste your time and manpower on a thug ba$tard like him
  8. [+19, -1] He’s no longer a singer so why are you still calling him Seungri? Write his real name
  9. [+15, -0] Maybe he’s the one that played around with Jimin at the dorms?ㅋㅋㅋ He’s definitely her type ㅅㅅ
  10. [+14, -1] Who is behind him at Burning Sun that he’s yet to be jailed. Even Yoon Mi-hyang and Choi Soon-sil and her daughter went in..who are the thug bastards in there that are covering up the public’s right to know?
  11. [+9, -0] I don’t even care to see it anymore. They’ll probably go through all that effort for nothing..
  12. [+8, -0] Those Nth Room ba$tards got away the same way too. 

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