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Shin Hye-sun boasts an impressive resume in her 19th Life

Shin Hye-sun boasts an impressive resume in her 19th Life

Another teaser is out for tvN’s upcoming fantasy romance See You in My 19th Life, and I’m certainly anticipating its premiere next week. Shin Hye-sun (Mr. Queen) stars as our reincarnating heroine Ban Ji-eum, who possesses the memories of all her previous lives. In her current life, her main aim is to seek out Moon Seo-ha — played by Ahn Bo-hyun (Yumi’s Cells 2) — her unfulfilled love from a past lifetime.

The latest teaser opens with a young Ji-eum showing off her flamenco flair at a talent show, impressing her enraptured audience with an elegant twirl. Her dancing prowess extends to adulthood, and we see a grown-up Ji-eum strike a confident pose, to the astonishment of both Seo-ha and his secretary Ahn Dong-goo (The Law Cafe).

Ji-eum’s talents don’t end there. She’s also a certified polyglot, and her fluency in seven languages is equal parts impressive and doubt-inducing. When a skeptical Seo-ha asks her how she learnt Arabic, Ji-eum responds that she once worked in an Arab country — but we see that she actually owes her Arabic proficiency to a previous life as an alchemist in the Middle East.

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That’s not all, because Ji-eum’s skills extend beyond the artistic and the linguistic. She’s also retained combat strategies from her time as a Goryeo warrior, allowing her to successfully defend herself against an oncoming attacker. Taking aim as if drawing a bowstring, Ji-eum easily incapacitates her would-be assailant with a swift jab to the neck, all while barely breaking a sweat.

Needless to say, Ji-eum’s never-ending qualifications sound preposterous to Seo-ha, who winds up asking, “You have a tendency to exaggerate, don’t you?” Bewildered, Ji-eum simply blinks in response, unsure of how to answer. Hah, Seo-ha’s certainly in for a shock once he finds out the truth about Ji-eum.

Closing out the teaser, Ji-eum reminisces about her past lives, including ones as a Joseon maiden and a modern musician. Amongst them all, one life in particular stands out as the most special — presumably the one in which she first met Seo-ha — and Ji-eum declares that she’ll tell the tale of that unforgettable incarnation.

Directed by Lee Na-jung (Mine, Fight My Way) with scripts penned by Choi Young-rim, the webtoon adaptation See You in My 19th Life premieres on June 17.

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