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“Someone Capture This Tweet” — BTS Suga’s Promise On Twitter Resurfaces Exactly 10 Years Later

Rewind to January 27, 2013, and the world seemed like a very different place.

First of all, BTS hadn’t even debuted, but the members were slowly being introduced to fans one by one. On January 22, Suga was introduced to the world.

BTS Suga’s debut picture | BIGHIT MUSIC

Since then, ten years have flown by, and the idol has cemented his role as a true threat in K-Pop, wowing with his rapping, dancing, producing, and visuals.

A video of Suga from April 2013 | BANGTANTV/YouTube
Suga’s song “Daechwita” under the name Agust D | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
Suga in the group’s latest song “Yet To Come” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

Fast forward to January 27, 2023, and it seems like Suga is making waves on social media… and it’s not even because of his iconic appearance at Valentino’s fashion show in Paris.

BTS’s Suga at the Valentino show | Vogue Japan
| Vogue Korea 

On social media, ARMYs brought back an iconic tweet from Suga from exactly ten years ago.

On January 27, 2013, Suga went on BTS’s Twitter account, sharing his dreams and desires for the future… or more precisely, his dreams and futures that he wanted to achieve in ten years. In the post, Suga

And in 10 years, I’ll open a Makchang restaurant called Daegu Makchang, where all the servers will speak with a Gyeongsang-do accent and where we will only play hardcore hip-hop music. There, I will be like a sommelier, bouncing to the 4/4 hip hop beat while grilling Makchang. Since sommelier refers to wine, I’ll be a gommelier.

— Suga


Yet, the reason that ARMYs found it so funny was the fact that in the next tweet, Suga almost made a promise to fans and asked them to bring up the tweet in exactly ten years, especially if he hadn’t done it.

And in 10 years I’ll be called Makchang (intestines) King Suga. Someone capture this tweet and post it in 10 years because I’m serious.

— Suga


When the post was revisited on social media websites, ARMYs debated whether Suga had forgotten about the restaurant or whether he was waiting and would surprise them. Many joked that when Suga speaks about future plans, it’s not an album.

BTS’s Suga is set to return from his time in Paris, so he might not be truly ready to open a restaurant today. Although Suga never promised it would be in exactly ten years (to the day) or not, it’s always hilarious when ARMYs remember things that happened so long ago.



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