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Suzy lives a double life as Anna in new promos

Suzy lives a double life as Anna in new promos

There’s an interesting feel to Coupang Play’s teasers for their upcoming drama Anna, which stars Suzy (Start-Up), Jung Eun-chae (Pachinko), Kim Joon-han (Hospital Playlist), and Park Ye-young (Inspector Koo).

We are certainly in for some drama and action in the story to come, but there’s also a sense of starkness and unease in the newest video teaser that places us in the shoes of Suzy’s character, Lee Yumi. In the wake of one small lie, Lee Yumi begins living the life of the completely different Lee Anna. Despite the grass looking greener in Anna’s world, it’s only a matter of time before Yumi finds herself in a tricky situation between her new husband (played by Kim Joon-han) and rival (played by Jung Eun-chae). Yumi’s only friend and confidante is played by Park Ye-young.


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The newly released teaser begins with Yumi’s reflection: “I won’t know if I had really wanted something until it comes into my possession. I wish others were fearful of me.” We then cut to Jung Eun-chae’s character scoffing at Yumi, and we hear someone calling her by real name.

With text screens that read, “The moment you believe, even lies become the truth,” we transition to Lee Yumi introducing herself as her alias. Jung’s character recognizes her, but we hear a man off-screen explaining, “That girl, Lee Yumi, isn’t your hoobae.” Yumi mutters to herself that “Everybody lies.”

The music takes on a more dire tone as we jump to Jung’s character, who threatens Yumi with, “If you stole and lived someone else’s life, there are consequences that have to be paid.” Kim Joon-han’s character, on the other hand, tells her, “Being able to grab onto an opportunity takes skill. Like you, Lee Anna.”

In the continuing montage, we see Suzy and Kim’s characters getting married as we weave back and forth between her two identities. The video then comes to a close on our injured heroine who walks alone down an empty road narrating, “Once I put my mind on something, I’ll do anything to get it.”

Written and directed by Lee Joo-young (A Single Rider), Coupang Play’s Anna premieres June 24.



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