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Taecyeon and Kim Hye-yoon team up in Inspector Joy’s latest promos

Taecyeon and Kim Hye-yoon team up in Inspector Joy’s latest promos

More promos have been released for tvN’s upcoming comedy sageuk Inspector Joy, including a new poster and video teaser.

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The drama stars Taecyeon (Vincenzo) as a reluctant government official whose true passion is food. He starts his shift on the dot and stays not a minute after he’s done, and he relishes every second of his breaks. Still, he was enjoying a peaceful life when all of sudden he somehow becomes appointed as the king’s secret inspector and his life turns upside down.

As he starts his new duties, he encounters the young divorcee Kim Hye-yoon (Extraordinary You). Despite the taint that divorce brings on her reputation, she is optimistic about her return to singledom and is determined to find happiness for herself in this new chapter of her life.

In the newly released poster, we see the two standing under a swirl of confetti and ribbons, and they put their finger to the lips asking the audience to keep their secret. The tagline reads: “Presenting the secret royal inspector! The investigative show that will shake up the whole the country!”

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The teaser opens on Taecyeon looking impressive with his royal badge and we hear the king commanding him: “You will become the king’s eyes and ears, travel across the country, and eradicate corrupt officials.” But the king’s voice falters when Taecyeon suddenly falls over, and the camera follows the badge as it sails up into the sky. From behind Taecyeon, Kim Hye-yoon deftly catches it and confidently holds it up for the audience. This prompts the king to resume his speech: “I command you to eradicate corrupt officials!”

Min Jin-woong (Nobody Knows) and Park Kang-seob (Hell Is Other People), run up from behind to stand beside her and, together, the three of them smile at the camera. It cuts to a text screen that reads, “A crazy investigative show,” and it’s followed by a quick montage of Taecyeon and Kim Hye-yoon working together on each case and running into trouble. The final shot returns to Kim holding the badge and looking sheepish while Min and Park both avoid Taecyeon’s gaze. Scolding the trio, he says incredulously, “You dare hit the royal inspector?”

This cast lineup has a lot of potential and I am in the mood for a zany comedy though so I hope this one is a win! I must admit I chuckled when I saw Min Jin-woong and Park Kang-seob’s character names, Yook-chil and Gu-pal. They combine the Sino-Korean words used for numbers, so Yook-chil would mean Six-Seven, and Gu-pal is Eight-Nine.

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Written by Lee Jae-yoon (Handsome Guy and Jung-eum, Tamra the Island) and directed by PD Yoo Jong-seon (Designated Survivor: 60 Days, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim), tvN’s next Monday-Tuesday drama Inspector Joy premieres next month on November 8.

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