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Taecyeon questions who is Blind with Jung Eun-ji and Ha Suk-jin

Taecyeon questions who is Blind with Jung Eun-ji and Ha Suk-jin

Moving from OCN to tvN, the mystery-thriller Blind has released their first poster and video teaser, giving us a quick peek at the main cast.

The drama takes a deep dive into social injustices, shining the spotlight on the ordinary citizens who too often become victims while the more powerful perpetrators turn a blind eye to these uncomfortable truths.


In this story, Taecyeon (Secret Royal Inspector and Joy) stars as detective Ryu Sung-joon. Passionate to an almost desperate degree, he has a tendency to jump in head first without thinking things through, but is persistent about pursuing criminals and ensuring that they are captured.

Playing his older brother is Ha Suk-jin (A DeadbEAT’s Meal), in the role of judge Ryu Sung-hoon. Intelligent and upright, he did well in his studies and is successful in his career. He always strives to be impartial and does his best to judge each case fairly.

Rounding out the trio is Jung Eun-ji (Work Later, Drink Now) playing social worker Jo Eun-ki, who always makes people her top priority. While she may not be able to change the world, she keenly understands that every child and person she helps makes a big difference.

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In both the new poster and short teaser, the focus is on the drama’s main theme of blindness, with our three leads shrouded in smoke and pictured only in black and white. We are then left with the question asked by our hero, which is repeated in the text screen as well as the poster: “Who is the person closing their eyes?”

Directed by PD Shin Yong-hwi (Voice 4, Tunnel) with scripts penned by Kwon Ki-young (Andante), tvN’s Blind premieres September 16 in the Friday-Saturday slot.


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