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Tag: Fashion & Beauty

10+ Times Son Ye Jin Made Our Hearts Flutter For Her Ridiculously Attractive Airport Fashion

Ever since Son Ye Jin played the role of a fashionable CEO as the female lead in the drama Crash Landing On You… …fans couldn’t help but be amazed with her effortlessly stylish outfits — even when she’s simply attending a movie premier… …dressing up for an awards show… …or just going to the airport to catch her […]

These “The World of The Married” Product Placements Played Out So Smoothly, Viewers Didn’t Even Notice

K-Drama fans know: In the world of K-Dramas, product placements are inevitable. Like, the production costs have to be covered somehow, right? Normally though, this embedded marketing tactic (especially when done ineffectively) is thought to play a detrimental effect on the series, breaking the vibe and the flow of the episodes for the viewers. When […]

Steal That Look – Airport Fashion

Idols certainly know how to make an impression with their fashion sense, especially at the airport! From comfy clothing to striking outfits, what they wear is always unexpected. However, this list will show relaxed and casual styles that are perfect for any sort of journey you may make after lockdown! It is no surprise that […]

9 Times EXO’s Baekhyun Matched His Outfit To His Hair For The Ultimate Aesthetic

EXO‘s Baekhyun has rocked every color from blue to red and from black to white. And on occasion, he’ll match his colorful locks to whatever he’s wearing. The results? Just plain satisfying! 1. Beautiful black Baekhyun with black hair and an all-black outfit? It’s a killer combination and EXO-Ls have been the victims of this […]

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