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Tag: I'll Visit You When The Weather Is Nice

Park Min Young Blooms Like Spring Flowers

Park Min Young graced the pages of High Cut Magazine where even in her thirties, the actress blooms like spring-time flowers. Park Min Young mentioned her upcoming jTBC drama, “I’ll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice”. “My heart felt warm just by reading the script. ‘Hae-won’ is a character who is tired of Seoul life and […]

Why Seo Kang Joon chose to join “I’ll Visit When the Weather is Nice.”

Starring alongside Park Min Young in the upcoming JTBC drama “I’ll Visit You When the Weather is Nice,” Seo Kang Joon recently opened up about what attracted him to the role. “[I’ve read the original novel and] the feeling of the original work was really nice,” Seo Kang Joon said. “The understanding and forgiveness, as well as the […]

Seo Kang Joon ushers in Springtime with Project M

Seo Kang joon from “Are You Human Too,” “The Third Charm,” “Watcher,” and the upcoming “I’ll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice” released a casual pictorial for the warm spring. A casual brand selected Seo Kang joon as its model and released the season’s first illustration. Seo Kang joon displays trendiness with a mint colored T-shirt and a light grey […]

jTBC/Netflix pairs up Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon in a Healing Romance

The production for “I’ll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice” claims, “Something that is precious to us and cares most about us might actually be the closest thing to us, and we’re forgetting it. The healing point of “I’ll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice” is that we can find happiness near, and in small places”. The […]

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