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Tag: Lie After Lie

Kota (Sunny Hill) – How Much Pain – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

ArtistL Kota (Sunny Hill) Song: How Much Pain (얼마나 아파야) Album: Lie After Lie OST Part 4Year: 2020 I take one step forward but you’re at the same spotMy heart is so tired but I hope I don’t resent youI have no choice but to hope with this sad love [ story continues below ] […]

Son Yerim – Even If I’m Hurting – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Son Yerim Song: Even If I’m Hurting (내가 아파한대도) Album: Lie After Lie OST Part 3Year: 2020 Even if I’m hurting, don’t mind meBecause though I chose this tearful dayIt still feels warm [ story continues below ] Even if you can’t see me, don’t be surprisedBecause on some days, my love is too […]

Ryu Soo Jung (Lovelyz) – Lies of Lies – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Ryu Soo Jung (Lovelyz) Song: Lies of Lies (거짓말의 거짓말) Album: Lie After Lie OST Part 2 Year: 2020 I love you, I don’t love youI’m trapped in between those twoNow wherever I lookI can’t find the answer [ story continues below ] At the very tip of my heartI wonder what words are […]

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