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CHAI – Gift (Dali and Cocky Prince OST Part 8)

I keep smilingAfter I met you, as if I’m dreamingThis all feels so unfamiliar My eyes that look at youMy heart, they’re all colored with you [ story continues below ] I’ll show you all the best of meAnd you can be the rest of meJust stay with me Never gonna let you goAnd I […]

20 Years Of Age – Your Season (너라는 계절) Now We Are Breaking Up OST Part 1

I’m closing my eyes to feelThis song that is only for meAnd the sound of the windThat swallows the sound of your breath The sunshine that covers my lapShines on you tooSeeing that is enough for me [ story continues below ] On days when the wind is cold, you wrap around meOn rainy days, […]

Lee Hi – Hold My Hand (손을 잡아줘요) Now We Are Breaking Up OST Part 2

If you look deeply in my heartThere is a small holeNo one knew, not even meThat it was growing The only loveTo fill my heartIs you [ story continues below ] Hold my handDon’t leave me aloneJust until this night is overHold me tight If you look deeply in my heartThere is a small sadnessNo […]

Davichi – The Only Reason (오로지 그대) Now We Are Breaking Up OST Part 3

Forget all the painful daysJust stay right hereFrom far away, I look at youAnd I pray every dayI’m only looking at you without anyone knowing Don’t just pass me byJust stay by my sideThere is one personEngraved deep in my cold heartI won’t let you go from inside [ story continues below ] Do you […]

Lee Seung Yoon – I Am Lost (Reflection Of You OST Part 4)

Old scentStrangerMy heart is saying hello No whereTo hide [ story continues below ] the shattered heartIt’s screeching out againSave me from this acheWhenever I see, you MaybeNo wayI don’t want to follow Hold backMy heart the shattered heartIt’s screeching out again And it’s like crashing waveslet it burn And I runAway fromEverythingBut I’m drawn […]

Ryu Se Jung – Loving You (NEW Love & War OST Part 5)

Loving Loving you Fall in Fall in LoveThe words I love you are not enough Loving Loving you Fall in Fall in LoveWords I wanted to tell you as soon as I met you [ story continues below ] I want to spend my long nights with youThough I’m too shy to tell youPlease accept […]

Seung Joon – I Think About You (My Sweet Dear OST Part 4)

We happened to end up together all day todayWe spent so much time together alreadyI think my heart is thinking about you all dayI think we’ve been deceived by time [ story continues below ] I think about you I think about you oh babyoh I really like you I really like you baby I […]

Nikel (617), Ji Seung Gyu, Won Ok – Just Go (My Sweet Dear OST Part 3)

This is it for meMy wings that held paradiseAre wet from the stormYou dreamed the same dream as meBut now you’re floating away Hey why you tryna give it upyou rumble like a thunderDon’t be afraid, even if you fall againTake another step, there is no limit to anyoneWe got another shot! [ story continues […]

Sun Woo Jung Ah – Timing (Yumi’s Cells OST Part 11)

I think I’ve lost it againYour heartIt’s getting farther away againOur times I think about this over and overBut things have already gotten awryOur story has become twistedAnd I can’t lay a hand on it [ story continues below ] I want to smile for youI want to look you in your eyesAs I quietly […]

XIA – Still Forever (여전히 영원히) Jinx OST Part 1

At the end of a heavy dayYou became the house I want to return toWhen I wake up from a long dreamIn my left hand is your warm right hand My days are colored with youEach moment has a meaningNext to my lonely footstepsThere is a shadow walking next to me, it’s you [ story […]

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