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Kim Jong Wan – Blue Moon – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Kim Jong Wan (Nell) Song: Blue Moon Album: Tale of the Nine Tailed OST.Part 1Year: 2020 In the memories that went so far away that I can’t reachI’m looking for you again under the blue moonlight [ story continues below ] Countless nights passAnd a new days have comeBut still at the same placeThe […]

Kota (Sunny Hill) – How Much Pain – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

ArtistL Kota (Sunny Hill) Song: How Much Pain (얼마나 아파야) Album: Lie After Lie OST Part 4Year: 2020 I take one step forward but you’re at the same spotMy heart is so tired but I hope I don’t resent youI have no choice but to hope with this sad love [ story continues below ] […]

Ji Hyun Woo – Please Don’t Go – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Ji Hyun Woo Song: Please Don’t Go Album: Love Is Annoying But I Hate Being Lonely OST Part 6Year: 2020 To be honest, I’m afraid of a world without youEven if I act like I’m fine, it’s all a lie [ story continues below ] You know how I feel, how it’s hard without […]

Gummy – Love Song – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Gummy Song: Love Song (노래해요 그대 듣도록) Album: Do You Like Brahms? OST Part 10Year: 2020 Like the scattering windI hope your sadness disappearsJust like so many seasons have passedUntil the flowers of the field bloomed [ story continues below ] I’m singing so you can hearEveryone I love is right hereLet’s keep dreamingBecause […]

K.Will – Beautiful Person – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: K.Will Song: Beautiful Person (아름다운 한 사람) Album: Do You Like Brahms? OST Part 9Year: 2020 Your white faceYour clear eyesMake my heart race once againYour warm handsYour voice that calls meEmbraces me [ story continues below ] Remember this one thingMy heart that looks at youMy beautiful personMy one person who makes my […]

Wheein – Shine On You – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Wheein (Mamamoo) Song: Shine On You (그렇게 넌 내게 빛나) Album: Record of Youth OST Part 4Year: 2020 Maybe I’m still dreamingI’m still looking at youI can clearly feel you [ story continues below ] What if I wake up from this dream?What if reality chases you away?So I’m being very careful with my […]

Heize & Punch – Like The Stars In The Night Sky – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Heize & Punch Song: Like The Stars In The Night Sky (밤하늘의 저 별처럼) Album: Do You Like Brahms? OST Special TrackYear: 2020 I continuously remember all the moments when I first met youYou came to me and spilled over like the stars in the night sky [ story continues below ] In this […]

Yeo Eun – City Girl – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: Yeo Eun (Melody Day)Song: City Girl Album: Homemade Love Story OST Part 2Year: 2020 Confidently walking throughThe flashy forest of buildingsIs this city boyChicly walking throughThe suffocating looks of the peopleIs this working girl [ story continues below ] Who is that?That handsome boyThe star of the citySo beautiful girl There is no dream […]

N.Flying – From You – OST (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: N.Flying Song: From You Album: Alice OST Part 4Year: 2020 When I was youngI woke up in someone’s armsWarmth surrounded the cradleWhen did it start?Since I stopped knowing myself?Suddenly time feels unfamiliarDawn on my eyesWith eyes openI’m running on this pathKeep being aliveBetween my feetDirt and dust are flying [ story continues below ] […]

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