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News bites: January 27, 2024

News bites: January 27, 2024 by tccolb It’s full steam ahead for MBN’s upcoming The Crown Prince Has Disappeared, kicking off promos with the first script readings stills, led by Suho (Behind Your Touch), Hong Ye-ji (Love Song for Illusion), Myung Se-bin (Doctor Cha), Kim Joo-hun (Castaway Diva), and Minkyu (Maestra – Strings of Truth). […]

KBS Respond To Netizens Requests To Drop Park Hye Soo From The Cast Of “Dear.M” Following Her School Violence Allegations

KBS has issued a response after netizens petitioned to have her removed from her upcoming drama “Dear.M” following the bullying allegations made against her. The issue came out in mid-February and as a result, the premiere of “Dear.M” was pushed back indefinitely, KBS has also recently announced their decision to air “Imitation” before “Dear.M.” On […]

Netizens Start A Petition Asking KBS To Drop Park Hye Soo From “Dear.M” Due To The Bullying Allegations

KBS is under a lot of pressure these days with many actors involved in its productions coming under fire for bullying accusations. It started with actor Jo Byeong Gyu who’s appearance on an upcoming KBS variety show was put on hold because of the bullying accusations made against him. And most recently, actor Ji Soo […]

“Dear.M” Premiere Delayed Due To Bullying Accusations Against Park Hye Soo, Drama Future Is Unclear

“Dear.M” premiere has been delayed! As previously reported, actress Park Hye Soo faced serious bullying allegations amid the recent movement. Her agency had denied all the allegations explicitly and stated they would be taking strict legal action. They have already begun collecting evidence and taking action against all but the first accusation since the poster […]

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