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Meet The K-Pop Idol Was Was Supposed To Debut With The BLACKPINK Members, But Ended Up Having To Experience 2 Group Disbandments

While there are plenty of K-Pop idols who have experienced hardships, this one idol has experienced multiple heartbreaking situations. Advertisements The idol in question is none other than Euna Kim. Euna Kim first appeared to the public when she was a contestant on Superstar K3. Advertisements She ended up catching the attention of many people, […]

Former BTS Hater Reveals Why They Initially Hated The Group, As Well What Made Them Become A Fan

While BTS currently are enjoying massive success, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their fair share of haters. However, sometimes these haters end up turning into fans. Advertisements On the internet community board Quora, the question “Why do people hate BTS?” was asked, and one anonymous Quora user, who will be referred to as “X”, responded […]

Resurfaced Clip Of Kim Woojin With Stray Kids Hints At How Uncomfortable He Made The Group

Following the accusations brought forth against Kim Woojin by one individual who presented their account of being sexually assaulted, more women gained the strength to come forward and share their accounts of allegedly being sexually assaulted by him as well. While the accusations towards the singer were unexpected, a resurfaced clip of his time being […]

Why It’s So Hard To Date A Songwriter, According To A Professional Songwriter

Sometimes a person’s profession can make it difficult to pursue romantic relationships. This is especially true with creative-type people, and professional songwriters agree with this—to an extent. YouTube channel AYO sat down songwriters Cosmic Sound (Kim Ki Hyun) and former RaNia member Cosmic Girl (Yoo Joo Yi) for their Comment Defenders series. They discussed everything from why songs are often plagiarized […]

CLC’s Sorn Reveals The Best And Worst Parts Of Filming Their “Helicopter” Music Video

CLC‘s Sorn recently sat down for a chat with YouTuber Edward Avila. Aside from dishing on why she can’t handle another change in concept, Sorn also talked about the filming of their music video, particularly the parts she liked and didn’t like. The Good The Filming Time Unlike their previous music videos, “Helicopter” was filmed within a span […]

A Self-Proclaimed Sasaeng Fan Reveals Why She Decided To Become One, As Well As Some Of Her Craziest Experiences

Sasaeng fans are constantly disrupting the lives of K-Pop idols by doing things like invading their privacy. This has caused some K-Pop fans to wonder why sasaeng fans do what they do. BTS getting chased by a sasaeng fan When a poster on the Internet question board Quora asked: “What made you stop being a sasaeng […]

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