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Song Joong Ki Shares His Thoughts On The Possibility Of “Vincenzo” Season 2, Will There Be A Second Season Or Not?

Advertisements If you were expecting “Vincenzo” season 2, you might be in for a surprise! “Vincenzo” has wrapped up its run last night and rather spectacularly. Fans loved the last episode and especially raved about the ending scene of “Vincenzo,” many started to wonder whether a second season of the hit drama might be in […]

Song Joong Ki Reveals He Wasn’t Satisfied With His Italian Or Comic Scenes, Here Is Why

Advertisements Song Joong Ki has surprised fans when talking about his recently concluded drama “Vincenzo,” here is what he had to say. “Vincenzo” has wrapped up its run last night and rather spectacularly. Fans loved the last episode and especially raved about the ending scene of “Vincenzo.” Song Joong Ki was also praised for his […]

Kwak Dong Yeon Wants A Spin-Off Of “Vincenzo” And Fans Are Down For His Suggestion

Advertisements Kwak Dong Yeon is eager for more “Vincenzo” content like the rest of us! “Vincenzo” wrapped up its run successfully last night and while the ending was bittersweet, many fans advocated for a second season of the drama, sadly, Song Joong Ki had already commented that there were no plans for a second season. […]

“Vincenzo” Episode 20 Ends With A Bang, Becoming The 6th Highest Rated Series In tvN’s History

Advertisements “Vincenzo” episode 20 ratings are in and they’re exactly what you’d expect! On May 2, “Vincenzo” wrapped up its run with its 20th episode. Fans mostly loved the episode and raved about the performances and the ending. Advertisements According to Nielsen Korea, the series finale of “Vincenzo” scored an average nationwide rating of 14.6 […]

“Vincenzo” PD And Writer Reported To Have Struggled Over The Ending Of The Drama + Drama To Finish Filming This Week

Advertisements “Vincenzo” will wrap up filming this week. On April 21, Star News released a report about the popular tvN drama. According to their report, “Vincenzo” is set to finish filming this week [on the 23rd of April], a gag order has also been issued to prevent leaks of the script. The drama took a […]

How Song Joong Ki And Jeon Yeo Bin Interact Off-Screen Gain Attention, Their Chemistry Is Off The Charts

Advertisements “Vincenzo” has been doing tremendously well and due to a variety of reasons, fans believe one of them has to be the chemistry between its lead actors. The hit tvN drama might be taking a break this week but luckily for fans, they have very entertaining behind-the-scenes videos they can watch. tvN has been […]

tvN’s “Vincenzo” Episode 17 And 18 Air Date Delayed, Here Is Why

Advertisements tvN’s “Vincenzo” will be taking a one-week hiatus next weekend. On April 7, tvN’s “Vincenzo” production team revealed in a statement to the press that “Vincenzo” episode 17 and 18 won’t air as previously scheduled, as the drama will take a one-week hiatus to focus on the quality and improve it. Advertisements This weekend, […]

“Vincenzo” Soars To Its Best Viewership Rating With Its 10th Shocking Episode

Advertisements tvN’s “Vincenzo” is doing extremely well! On March 22 episode of “Vincenzo,” the drama tension rose to new heights bringing about a change in the dynamics and the way our leads handle trouble, and with that, it reached its best viewership ratings yet. According to Nielsen Korea, “Vincenzo” episode 10 scored an average of […]

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