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Tag: Wonder Girls

Sunmi – pporappippam (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: 선미 (Sunmi) Song: 보라빛 밤 (pporappippam) Album: 보라빛 밤 (pporappippam) Year: 2020 [ story continues below ] Hangul: 내게 뭘 원하냬 그냥 말만 하래 하늘에 별도 따주겠대 다른 건 안 바래 이 밤만 원하네 그대 손 잡고 안 놔줄래 보라빛 밤 I like it like it 더 같이 있자 아직 이르잖아 We’re like 보라빛 […]

[Album Review] HA:TFELT – 1719

The former Wonder Girls member breaks out of her shell and consolidates herself as a true soloist with her first album 1719. HA:TFELT does not contain herself within the ‘picture-perfect’ supposed life of a celebrity and strives to reveal different, sometimes harsh, aspects of her life. This album tells the story of a great soloist […]

10 MAMA Stages That Bedazzled Us Over The Last Decade

2020 is finally here. Many of you have been reminiscing over your most memorable moments in the last decade, and since Soompi is all about K-pop, what better way to celebrate the new year than to look back on some of the most iconic MAMA stages to date! The popular award show has had many […]

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