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Top 5 Kpop MVs: Summer Days Meet Summer Nights

This week’s MVs cover everything summer has to offer, from bright colors and endless sunshine to heavy clouds and thunderstorms. Read on to see which of these videos catches your summer mood! Need a playlist that will soothe your soul? Give Maknae’s Favorite Indie a try! Woodz – “Love Me Harder” This MV is fascinating […]

WOODZ – Love Me Harder (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: 조승연 (WOODZ) Song: 파랗게 (Love Me Harder) Album: EQUAL Year: 2020 Hangul: 시작은 그저 그렇게 너와 나 눈빛은 찌릿하게 통해 자꾸 Oh god (She got deep blue) 우린 처음 보는 관계 빨강 눈엔 foreign 너와 난 바라보기만 해도 은은하데 자기야 네가 날 바라보면 나는 말 문이 막히는 걸 You are my lover baby 우리 […]

WOODZ feat Sumin – POOL (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: WOODZ Song: POOL (English Translation)(feat. SUMIN) Album: POOL (pu:l) Year: 2018 Lyrics: I feel a little anxious I can’t believe you’re my girl Look at them, everyone is looking at you Hey baby stay next to me Hey! Don’t look at her, she’s mine (You everyday) Open the curtains and kiss my lips You […]

WOODZ feat Sumin – POOL (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: WOODZSong: POOL (feat. SUMIN)Album: POOL (pu:l)Year: 2018 Hangul: 나 조금 불안해너가 내 여자라는 게안 믿기는데저기 쟤들 봐다 너를 쳐다봐Hey baby 내 옆에만 있어야 쳐다보지마 얜 내 꺼야 (넌 매일) 커튼을 걷어주며 입을 맞추고 넌 다시 내 옆에 누웠고 음악을 틀어It feels like I’mFeel like I’m in heaven어디에도 (없어)내 행복의 뜻은 너인 것 같아보다 큰 […]

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