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The tale of three babies and The Good Bad Mother

The tale of three babies and The Good Bad Mother

Fleshing out the world of JTBC’s The Good Bad Mother, at last the newest teaser features other characters in the heartwarming comedy, including our hero Lee Do-hyun’s (The Glory) childhood friends, Ahn Eun-jin (The One and Only) and Yoo In-soo (Alchemy of Souls) – in addition to all three moms.

Central to the story, of course, is Choi Kang-ho’s (Lee Do-hyun) strained relationship with his mother Ra Mi-ran (Dr. Park’s Clinic). Jin Young-soon (Ra Mi-ran) had thought that being strict was the best way to raise her son – all the more because she had to parent him alone. But when an accident causes the adult Kang-ho to become like a child, the situation allows Young-soon another chance to restore their relationship as mother and son.

Although we don’t know as much yet about the parent-child dynamics for Mi-joo (Ahn Eun-jin) and Sam-shik’s (Yoo In-soo) families, we do get a quick peek in the new teaser and it would be interesting to see a parallel of their individual journeys.

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Opening the video with our returning child narrator,  we’re told another tale about our hero’s history: “A long, long time ago in the village of Jo-woo-ri, Kang-ho, Mi-joo, and Sam-shik were born.” The captions then label which cute baby is which, before we jump ahead to their teenage years, when love blossoms between our leads. The narrator continues that, “Kang-ho and Mi-joo developed feelings for each other.” But, as adults, Mi-joo tells Kang-ho to stop coming to see her.

Our narrator is then joined by her friend, who asks, “What about the jealous Sam-shik?” But the curt reply we hear is, “Don’t talk about Sam-shik.” Sam-shik tries to act tough while confessing to Mi-joo, “If I ever steal something again in the future, it’ll be your heart.” He cries in front of Kang-ho, though, pleading for help. However, Kang-ho doesn’t budge and tells Sam-shik to leave.

Outside, Sam-shik’s mom Seo Yi-sook (Under the Queen’s Umbrella) despairs about her son’s fate, while elsewhere Kang Mal-geum (Divorce Attorney Shin) consoles her daughter Mi-joo. With a quick cutaway to Young-soon, a child-like Kang-ho muses, while holding his heart, “It’s someone I don’t know, but it hurts here.” The teaser then closes as our narrators question, “Will the mothers in this world ever find happiness?” before announcing the premiere date of April 26.

Directed by PD Shim Na-yeon (Beyond Evil) with scripts penned by screenwriter Bae Se-young (Life Is Beautiful), JTBC’s The Good Bad Mother starts April 26, in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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