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Top 5 Kpop MVs: The Girls Take On Summer

I’ve finally found the girls who sing the summer songs! I don’t know where they’ve been hiding, but come see what I’ve run across in my search for iconic summer songs.

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Looking for more summer bops? Check out my favorites on Spotify!

Lee Suhyun of AKMU – “In Your Time”

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay has definitely captured my attention, and Lee Suhyun’s voice is absolutely PERFECT for the soundtrack of this dark fairytale.

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Blackpink – “How You Like That”

Kicking off the purple scheme of the summer, Blackpink’s lush styling matches the rich tones of this hiphop anthem.

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Dreamcatcher – “R.o.S.E. BLUE”

Oh man, I adore Dreamcatcher and I was super excited for this MV! However, this song definitely does not live up to Dreamcatcher’s potential — the usual deep guitar riffs are missing, and it feels like the song has been stripped of its depth. Stick it out for Dami’s rap; as usual, she brings her best game to the song.

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Sunmi – “pporappippam”

I love the styling in the MV — the purple overtones and the galaxy focus give it greater depth. The song itself is catchy without being overly cutesy, which is the perfect fit for 2020. Sunmi definitely knows what she’s doing!

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Gfriend – “Apple”

I’ve been curious to see how the groups that are now under the BigHit label would be doing, so I *had* to check out Gfriend’s newest MV. I’m loving the Greek/fairytale/Biblical fusion theme in the MV. Their sound is definitely stronger and more mature, for sure.

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Red Velvet – “Red Flavor

Could there be a more iconic summer song? This Red Velvet song is a summer classic for a reason! But wait, there’s more….

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SM Orchestra – “Red Flavor

….what if SM had a mad amazing orchestral cover of “Red Flavor” and added an INCREDIBLE little dancer? I mean, just imagine it! OH WAIT. YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Watch this video instead.

[embedded content]

What songs are speaking to you this summer, k-fans? Drop down in the comments and let us know!

Until the next MV release, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

Dramas with a Side of Kimchi


drama with a side of kimchi

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