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tvN x OCN announce O’PENing’s lineup for 2024

tvN x OCN announce O’PENing’s lineup for 2024

The promos have taken off for O’PENing 2024, continuing their experimental format with a fresh crop of rookie writers and presenting us with six short-form dramas for this seventh season’s anthology.

The tvN show first debuted as Drama Stage in 2017 and later evolved into a collaboration between tvN and TVING as O’PENing. This year, parent company CJ has changed the game again, rebranding the series as CJ ENM’s O’PENing and placing TVING in the backseat with OCN now sitting passenger instead.

O’PENing 2024’s lineup is as follows (titles roughly translated), including the new poster and teasers for the series’ first installment:

Title: Daughter of a Stan
Production: PD Kim Na-kyung, Writer Kim Min-young
Release date: July 15, 2024 on tvN
Need to know: A heartwarming comedy about a mother-daughter pair, with Ha Young discovering Kim Jung-young’s secrets – and the extent of Mom’s fan love for trot idol Lee Yi-kyung – when the money from Lee’s fan club disappears together with Mom. Character teasers found here and here.

Title: Bra Strap Has Fallen
Production: PD Bang Soo-in, Writer Shin Kyung
Release date: August 19, 2024 on tvN
Need to know: In a story about romance and growth, we follow our heroine Lee Joo-young – alongside Shin Jae-ha and Park Se-jin among others in the cast – as she tries to overcome her inferiority complex and take a stand for herself against the world.

Title: My Son Is Dead
Production: PD Na Ji-hyun, Writer Lee Soo-jin
Release date: TBD
Need to know: Jang Seung-jo and Lee Seol lure us into a virtual reality where an actor takes on the mission of protecting a child as if the father. But when he starts to develop a real dad’s love for the boy, he’s forced to confront an unthinkable truth.

Title: Recipient
Production: PD Yoo Beom-sang, Writer Kim Ji-eun
Release date: TBD
Need to know: Running at two episodes with an up-and-comer cast including Kang Shin, Jo Joon-young, and Noh Jong-hyun, a young girl somehow scores the winning ticket for a big lottery. But because she’s ineligible as a high school student, she fights to be considered an independent in order to claim the money prize.

Title: Junk Shop Owner Mi-ran
Production: PD Yoon So-il, Writer Song Jung-mi
Release date: TBD
Need to know: The quirky romance has shopkeeper Im Se-mi annoyed by pesky customer Lee Shi-woo, coming in to sell just one glass soju bottle each and every day. But when someone unexpectedly abandons a puppy at the store, the two end up becoming a team in order to look for the culprit.

Title: Our Beautiful Summer
Production: PD Jung Da-hyung, Writer Choi Haneul
Release date: TBD
Need to know: Starring Jang Gyuri and Kim So-hye among others, the two-episode narrative takes us through the wringer with a set of quadruplets becoming three. It’s a lovely use of names with the older three siblings being Ah-reum, Da-woon, and Woo-ri, which together form the phrase, “our beautiful,” and they sadly lose their youngest sibling Nara, meaning “country.” But one day, the trio meet the lonely Yeo-reum, meaning “summer” – hence, our story’s title – and we follow the group’s healing journey as they find love and happiness again.

With O’PENing now a joint project between tvN and OCN for 2024, the new season begins this month on July 15, sequencing the six stories so that four broadcast on tvN and two on OCN.

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