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Premiere Watch: My Sweet Mobster

I take your point about shifting the focus onto the ML, but I think that “The Woman Who Plays” sound a little sketchy in English. Plays with WHAT? Plays around? It’s unfortunate. Let’s re-re-name it! “Woman Who Knows How to Have Fun!” Noooo. Um… “Woman Who Slacks off and Plays!” Nooo. Um… “Woman Who…” Oh, […]

Premiere Watch: Hierarchy

Premiere Watch: Hierarchy by missvictrix Time slot: Friday (single drop)Broadcaster: NetflixGenre: Youth, mystery, romance, revengeEpisode count: 7Reasons to watch: Teen drama, anyone? With a capital “D,” that is. Netflix’s latest foray into the heart of darkness takes place in a top high school for the upper crust of society. Here, Kim Jae-won and Noh Jung-eui […]

Premiere Watch: Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale

I think my household may have already used that for something else, but I don’t mind the small fee. The other dramas I mentioned were ones I saw in news stories, so I’m pretty sure about them. But you probably have to search really specifically by name, and if that doesn’t work, try the actors’ […]

Premiere Watch: High School Return of a Gangster

3 May 27, 2024May 27, 2024 Premiere Watch: High School Return of a Gangster by missvictrix Time slot: WednesdaysBroadcaster: WavveGenre: Fantasy, youth, humanEpisode count: 8Global streamer: TBAReasons to watch: There are many things that dramaland loves, and this drama brings together two of them: bullied high schoolers and body-swap hijinks. In a special guest appearance, […]

Premiere Watch: Bittersweet Hell

Wait WHAT? When did Chansung sneak into this drama?? I was staring at that photo blankly thinking about alabaster mermaids for some reason and then thought, “Why is Chansung so tall?” I was already here for “Third Dude” from Chicken Nugget, or if you prefer, the best damn engineer-brother in OTVOI… Also, a reminder to […]

Premiere Watch: The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

1 May 10, 2024May 10, 2024 Premiere Watch: The Midnight Romance in Hagwon by missvictrix Time slot: Saturday-SundayBroadcaster: tvNGenre: Romance, humanEpisode count: 16Global streamer: VikiReasons to watch: They had me at PD Ahn Pan-seok’s latest romance — but then they had to go and toss Jung Ryeo-won and Wie Ha-joon in there, and I was […]

Premiere Watch: Chief Detective 1958

Premiere Watch: Chief Detective 1958 by missvictrix Time slot: Friday-SaturdayBroadcaster: MBCGenre: Action, mystery, drama, crime, humanEpisode count: 10Global streamer: Disney+Reasons to watch: It feels like it’s been forever in the making, and hyped for even longer than that, but the remake of the long-running Chief Inspector series from the 1970s and 80s has finally met […]

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