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Is a KARA Reunion Still Possible?

In a recent interview, Kang Jiyoung talked about KARA. Jiyoung recently finished the drama “Sweet Munchies” which marked her return to work in Korea. She has been working in Japan after her contract with DSP Media ended and left KARA. She talked about still being in touch with the former members of KARA. “We still […]

[Interview] ‘Asia’s Prince’ Ji Chang Wook returns with “Melting Me”

With the upcoming premiere of “Melting Me” (“Boku o tokashite kure”) scheduled for 23 March on Japan’s Mnet network, Ji Chang Wook sat down with Japanese online magazine Marisol to talk about the upcoming drama and other sundry items.  Note:  All references to Ji Chang Wook’s prior works will be referred to herein by their […]

Park Min Young Blooms Like Spring Flowers

Park Min Young graced the pages of High Cut Magazine where even in her thirties, the actress blooms like spring-time flowers. Park Min Young mentioned her upcoming jTBC drama, “I’ll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice”. “My heart felt warm just by reading the script. ‘Hae-won’ is a character who is tired of Seoul life and […]

ARMYs Are Loving BTS’s Efforts To Speak More English During Interviews

Recently, BTS held an interview with iHeartRadio and talked about their music and upcoming album. Fans were happy to see that all the members tried their best to speak English during the interview. Leader RM stepped up and tried to have everyone say something in English for their foreign fans.   In this clip, Jimin […]

Jung Yu Mi talks about Upcoming Drama in Netflix

Jung Yu mi has drawn praise from filmmakers and critics alike for her unique screen presence. They are praising her candor and the blank canvas she presents to slip into a range of completely different roles without bias. Her talent seems almost sponge-like in its ability to absorb the traits of different characters. Since debuting in […]

Lim Ji-yeon Feels The Weight of Responsibility After Winning Outstanding Actress Award

Actress Lim Ji-yeon was featured in the January issue of high-end magazine The Neighbor. The photoshoot was based on the theme of flowers. Lim Ji-yeon is just getting to know flowers through flower arrangement and she herself looked like an abstract painting of a flower in the pictorial. In the following interview, Lim Ji-yeon explained her new hobby and said, “I’ve […]

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