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The tale of three babies and The Good Bad Mother

The tale of three babies and The Good Bad Mother by tccolb Fleshing out the world of JTBC’s The Good Bad Mother, at last the newest teaser features other characters in the heartwarming comedy, including our hero Lee Do-hyun’s (The Glory) childhood friends, Ahn Eun-jin (The One and Only) and Yoo In-soo (Alchemy of Souls) […]

Korean Security Advisor Resigns Allegedly Due To Issues Surrounding BLACKPINK’s Invite To Perform At The US State Dinner

BLACKPINK is undoubtedly one of the biggest groups in the world, and the members are always showcasing their global influence at some of the biggest events. The members of BLACKPINK | @sbs_kpop/Twitter It seems like their influence has become even more prominent and become a hot topic after the resignation of Kim Sung Han, a […]

News bites: March 29, 2023

News bites: March 29, 2023 by tccolb Jeon Ji-hyun, Kang Dong-won Jeon Ji-hyun (Jirisan) and Kang Dong-won (Broker) are considering offers for a new spy series called Polaris (working title). Although Jeon’s most recent drama aired in 2021, it’s been much longer for Kang whose last drama was the 2004 series Magic. Filming is set […]

Gumiho Lee Dong-wook returns in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

Gumiho Lee Dong-wook returns in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 by tccolb Our yellow-eyed gumiho Lee Dong-wook (Bad and Crazy) has returned in a new season of tvN’s fantasy-action Tale of the Nine Tailed, and we finally get our first look in the moody new poster.Picking up after the events of the first season, […]

Netizens Allege G-Dragon’s Instagram Post Is A Response To News Of Seungri’s Recent Club Escapades

Netizens are alleging that G-Dragon‘s recent Instagram story is in response to news of Seungri‘s club escapades. G-Dragon | @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram Recently, K-Pop fans were shocked to learn that Seungri continues to frequent clubs following his release from prison. Many netizens felt that in light of his Burning Sun fiasco, a club is the last place […]

News bites: March 25, 2023

1. PD Shim Na-yeon is back, yay! I suppose I am looking forward to the show too, if only to understand what the heck the plot is supposed to be. Love the concept of a Ra Mi-ran/Lee Do-hyun parent-child relationship, but I’m confused by the whole ‘age regression’ thing. 2. Ah, if only the real […]

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