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Monsta X – Rush Hour

Eat thisRush hour, like a forest are the gathering towersCompetition and fights, running till the end as riders JOOHONEY 1 HUNNITStepping on it in this congested cityKeep going forward, no back backCompetition is always a rush, no doubt, no cap capThis is my realityNothing is impossible, abilityHidden in the back, dualityEverything’s just mere decoration, quality […]

Jung Il woo searches his fans top searches in Baidu… and comments. With English translation.

Advertisements September 12, 2020 Jung Il woo posted this on Bilibili… he has been trying to connect more with his Chinese Fans. To do this he decided to look up what are the top searches about him in China’s biggest web search engine: Baidu.  He comments about each one… it was very interesting to hear […]

Jung Il woo in Vancouver, Canada in MTV’s One More Time, 2011. Episode 6 with English Translation.

August 29, 2020 I just can’t believe August is nearly gone!  I am getting ready for school so I guess it’s true!  Today I completed my CPR (First Aid training).  There are some adaptations because of Covid.  I went to school for a short demo with a small group of my colleagues.  I felt such […]

Jung Il woo in Vancouver, Canada in MTV’s One More Time, 2011. Episode 5 with English Translation.

Advertisements August 25, 2020 Hello!  How are you? Here is the 5th part of ‘One More Time” with Ilwoo in Vancouver, Canada and its translation.  One very cool thing about this episode is that we get to learn something that he did with his dad!…  Yes! Read on! Here we go: [embedded content] One More […]

Jung Il Woo in Korean Style Pia Magazine. September Issue.

August 23, 2020 Jung Il woo is featured in the upcoming issue of the Japanese Magazine called Korean Style Pia.  He modeled with a branch of plum flowers… an Iljimae inspired photo shoot!  Credit to IG @ jungilwoojpfan912 and @ anpan.0225 Advertisements Haven’t seen The Return of Iljimae?  It’s one of his best historical dramas… […]

Jung Il woo in Vancouver, Canada in MTV’s One More Time, 2011. Episode 4 with English Translation.

Advertisements August 16, 2020 Hello!  How is your August going?  I hope you have been enjoying great weather.  If you are send some sunshine thoughts and prayers to Ilwoo and his beautiful country…  they are pretty soaked in South Korea with almost two months of daily rain.  And not just a little, it’s the monsoon […]

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