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MONSTA X’s Minhyuk And Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Are Teaming Up To Host A New Variety Program

MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk are teaming up to host a brand new program called Back to the Idol. Produced jointly by MBC‘s digital studio M-Dromeda and KT Seezn, the new cover dance variety program will take a look back on hit performances from the 2000s. Each week, different idol guests will put […]

A Ghost Is Haunting The “I-LAND” Trainees, And They’re Freaking Out

I-LAND‘s trainees know that they’ll have to survive the competition, but nobody said anything about ghosts! In Episode 6 of I-LAND, things took a surprisingly spooky turn when a ghost showed up for dance practice. Image unrelated to this article. | Newsweek/Newsweek.com Seon pointed out a shadowy figure reflected behind a pillar… Your browser does not support video. […]

The One Time Kang Ha Neul And Park Seo Joon Appeared On “Running Man” And All The Female Staff Were Smitten

Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon are both known for their acting chops and handsome faces. It was no surprise that they would have a great impact on girls! The two went on an episode of the hit variety show, Running Man, in 2017. That day, the other cast teased actress Jeon So Min […]

Lee Kwang Soo Hilariously Helps (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Achieve Her “Dream” 

(G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi is someone who’s a big fan of giraffes, as she has displayed this love many times. One of Lee Kwang Soo’s nicknames is “giraffe” due to his tall height. Your browser does not support video. When Yuqi was a guest on a recent episode of Running Man, both of these things were highlighted, which ended […]

SSAK3 – Play That Summer (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: SSAK3 (Lee Hyori, RAIN, Yoo Jae Suk)Song: Play That Summer (그 여름을 틀어줘) Year: 2020 HANGUL 이 여름 다시 한번 설레고 싶다그때 그 여름을 틀어줘 그 여름을 들려줘그때 그 여름을 틀어줘 다시 한번 또 불러줘 1, 2, SSAK 3Okay okay okayAlright alright alright저 바다가 부를 때Go back Go back Go back그해 여름으로 손잡고 뛰어들래? […]

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Is Back On “I Live Alone” – Here Are All Of Her Mukbang Moments On The Show To Celebrate

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa first went viral after her iconic gopchang mukbang on Home Alone. For those that don’t know, gopchang is a Korean delicacy that is made from intestines of cows, and can be grilled on a hot iron plate or cooked into a stew. Her delicious eating of the dish sold out gopchang all over the […]

SSAK3 – In The Summer (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: SSAK3 (Lee Hyori, Rain, Yoo Jae Suk)Song: In The Summer (여름 안에서)Year: 2020 ENGLISH TRANSLATION The moment I’ve always dreamed ofIs starting right now, right hereYou finally accepted my heartThat has loved you so much The sun is as bright as my moodAnd the cool breeze blows over to meI feel so much happiness […]

SEVENTEEN Wouldn’t Have Allowed The Filming Of “Hit The Road” Years Ago, Here’s Why

Through the documentary SEVENTEEN: Hit The Road, SEVENTEEN showed a different side of themselves than the happy-go-lucky one that fans were used to. Seeing such a raw side of them proved they had ups and downs just like everyone else, even if they were idols. Your browser does not support video. While those tough moments […]

Lee Hyori Tearfully Apologizes To Rain And Yoo Jae Suk For Her “Controversial” Actions

Lee Hyori and Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona recently received criticism for going to a karaoke venue, and for not wearing masks. [embedded content] While Lee Hyori put on a mask later in the broadcast, and Yoona explained that she wore a mask while going to the karaoke venue, and only took it off when they arrived, they […]

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